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Arcadia TV Anime Version


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Arcadia TV Anime Version

I bought this masterpiece only last week. Seeing that it was released back in 2006, makes me feel ashamed of myself. Why didn't I buy it earlier since I am a great fan of Captain Harlock? Well, the only reason must have been too many items released (and bought) at the same time and so I was broke at the moment.

Anyway, the AOSHIMA offering is the best diecast metal representation of the TV Series Blue Arcadia.

The best plastic representation of the TV Series Blue Arcadia is the TAITO vending machine offering.

Last but not least, the best resin garage kit representation of the TV Series Blue Arcadia is that sculpted by Alexandre Dumas in 1/1400 scale. It also comes with etched brass accessories.

You can find Alex's site here:

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 8 August, 2009 - 19:10
This piece is one of the

This piece is one of the best ships Aoshima has ever done. This is a modern gokin that just *reaks* of classic-fun 1978. The proportions are a bit off, but it is still a modern piece that just looks awesome on the shelf.

For those reading this far into the future, this TV-1978-accurate version reviewed here was produced in lower numbers than the green Manga version. Even 4 years after its release, I still can't find solid edition numbers, but it is worth noting that the Blue version sold out everywhere pretty fast, especially in France and Canada, and many shops sold it for a slight markup when it first came out. The green Manga version is much more common, as is the limited Black edition; these two were clearanced out at a few places, and today you shouldn't pay a high premium for these (if at all)

Despite the now 4 years, this blue version still usually commands a premium when sold, but it is hit or miss. In 2009, I've seen them go from anywhere to $70-200 on Y!J and eBay, so if you don't want to pay full price, it is a dangerous game, as I see less and less of these up for sale every year, if you wait too long, trying to save $20, you may get shafted and not be able to find one for a good price. In 2010, while I hesitate to assign a value to this gokin, I'd say anywhere from $150-225 is a fair price for this, and if you can get it for cheaper than $150, that is a really good deal.

While I do not collect for value in any way, and despise the speculator market, this particular piece, along with the N-Scale Diecast Galaxy Express 999, are the Matsumoto collectibles that I feel will be quite sought after over the next few years, as most of the vintage/classic Harlock and Leiji Matsumoto items were diecast, and these two in particular are the first/only 70's Matsumoto items made in diecast in over 30 years.

I don't think it will reach the popularity of the GA Mazinger re-issue, and maybe not as popular as the 70's Takara and Popy items, but it is worth noting that the blue Arcadia design is one of those classic "rare" designs/toys, like the 80's T-28 reboot, and the Mospeada Tread, and they historically have commanded a premium after a few years.

You have been warned, gokin heads: This piece is getting harder and harder to find in the US and Europe. Get one now, before it either jumps in price, or becomes completely unavailable.

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Posted by The Big R on 22 February, 2010 - 11:27