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Panda-Z Perfect Model (Silver)


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Panda Z is a great

Panda Z is a great thing.
Nice review and photos, magicspoon.
I never got around to picking up the diecast version of this, and still will at some point.
This vinyl style fig seems cool though, and good to see they got in a lot of nice details, and paint highlights.

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Posted by repairtechjon on 26 June, 2010 - 08:32
This one is surely awesome,

This one is surely awesome, especially the detailed cockpit.
But limited? Wow...


"transform and roll out"

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Posted by ro-berto on 29 June, 2010 - 02:35
Also in Gold!

I've been reminded that there was also a gold repaint advertised for release in early 2006, but apparently never made it on the shelves.

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Posted by magicsp00n on 16 July, 2010 - 16:54