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Ninja Firebird


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Comparison between Ninja Firebird and Tri-Condor

I have bought myself a Tri-Condor Karakuri Ball Set 05 along with Karakuri Ball Set 01, Tortoise Crusher (Tortoise Hammer and Goat Crusher set). Looking back at my unopened (but unsealed) set of my Karakuri Ball 05, I found that the one in the photos reviewed above does not look as glossier. I mean, the part on the Bird's body where it looks to me fully yellow but mine seemed to look a bit sparkly or glossy with a touch of minor golden feeling. I don't know whether the flash of the camera affected it but I can safely say that the Tri-Condor does have a glossier finish on that yellow bit that forms the important shape for the head of Tenrai-Sempuujin. Oh, and you forgot one important element, the Shinobi Medals. 3 Shinobi Medals are actually included in the Tri-Condor set which are coloured Red, Blue and Green which is seen to used whenever the Hurricangers are to initiate the Tenrai-Sempuujin formation. I have the US Versions of the Storm and Thunder Power Megazords and I know that the medals are not included, simply because the writings are in Japanese on the Medals. These medals might be compatible with the Hurricane Gyro or the Gourai Changer.

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Posted by redracer2004 on 30 April, 2009 - 11:46
Uh- actually PR audiences

Uh- actually PR audiences did get the Shinobi Metal, but just in the Wind and Thunder Morpher sets; the Samurai Morpher was completely remade from the original Japanese version, and thus did not contain a Shinobi Metal.

But, yeah- you're right about the glossy finish on the Tri-Condor. BA removed the pale-pink gloss from the White Tiger Wild Zord the year before, so it's no surprise that they did the same here. Unless you really want the extra sparkle and the three Shinobi Metals, this set is just fine as a fill-in. Of course, you had to get it with the Deluxe Samurai Star Lightning Megazord, but there wasn't anything missing from that set either. Getting these two sets for the price of one of the Japanese sets was a steal!
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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 30 April, 2009 - 15:22
Well I don't know why for

Well I don't know why for some reasons, there's a local shop at my place that sold me the DX Tortoise Crusher and the DX Tri Condor Karakuri Ball Sets (without going through bandai Hong Kong and Malaysian Agent) at a very very low price. My DX Tortoise Crusher was RM20 (US$5.5-6) and the DX Tri-Condor was RM25 (US$7-7.5) and it was very cheap considering the prices were 2000 yen for Tri and 1500 or so I remember for Tortoise. I might do a review for them since I don't see them here. I might be able to point out the differences of the US set and this Japanese set I have here. My biggest regret was not able to get a Tenkuujin/Samurai Star Megazord to complete my set. I only have a US assembled Gourai-Sempuujin but if I had the Samurai Star or the Tenkuujin, surely I'd use my Karakuri Ball Set 05 to make the assembly instead of that US piece.

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Posted by redracer2004 on 30 April, 2009 - 22:19
My comment here may answer

My comment here may answer your question. =)

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 1 May, 2009 - 00:30