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Nether Gundam


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*sigh* I've been kicking

*sigh* I've been kicking myself ever since for skipping that figure. That was back when I was shorter on cash, so I had to be choosy on the MSiA figures I picked up. If I had known they were gona die off in the US like they did I woulda gotten more of them! I'll have to track this one down someday. At the very least I had the forethought to get the Lumber Gundam. Nothin' funnier than a Canadian Gundam with a chainsaw! 'Cause you know, they're all loggers up there! I love that that was the best theme they could figure out for Canada...ah, G Gundam. Such insanity.

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Posted by Alexx on 16 October, 2012 - 21:52
Often when I watch an anime

Often when I watch an anime or random robot show I think to myself, "Why doesn't he just turn into a windmill?".

Ballroom dancing probably wouldn't be this guys thing, but he seems to be a green friendly fellow. With all the energy he generates from that windmill, he could probably take two or three REALLY big steps after a mere week of storing wind power.

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Posted by Scrubby on 16 October, 2012 - 21:54
You know, the more I think

You know, the more I think about this toy, the funnier it is. I never watched the show so I don't know how they displayed Hurricane Gundams "unique" powers, but it would be so cool if the show had him function just like he does as a toy...

So here's the scenario: In the heat of battle the pressure is on and the Gundams are battling a tough enemy force. Hurricane Gundam comes onto the scene, sees the ensuing battle and immediately drops off his arms and legs to turn into a majestic windmill, spinning slowly in the cool breeze. And maybe pumps some well water I guess.
Next we have the after battle scene where the Gundam fighters are congratulating each other, and then they notice Hurricane over there doing his Windmill thing.
"Um, good job Hurricane. Good... use of natural resources."
"Hey thanks guys! So could somebody help me put my arms and legs back on?"
"See you Hurricane, keep up the, uh, good work."
"Guys? Guys? Hey, where are you guys going? Ok then, I'll catch up with you later, ok?"

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Posted by Scrubby on 17 October, 2012 - 12:53