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DX Ninpuu Gattai Senpuujin


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Excellent review! I

Excellent review!

I generally don't care much for DX Sentai stuff (or sentai stuff in general for that matter), but this one looks really nice, both combined and separately. And if it's got significant diecast content, it seems hard to believe it only cost 6,500 yen! (though, fwiw, if I'm looking at the right thing, the Bandai catalog page actually lists it at 6,850. )

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Posted by NekroDave on 3 May, 2007 - 12:04
Re: Excellent review!

Ohh-! So it is 6850 Yen...! Odd- I kept reading 6500 all over the place. So instead of US$54.00, it's really $57.00.
Well, thanks for catching that, Nekrodave; I've made the appropriate change.

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 3 May, 2007 - 13:32