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Had one of these...

Yes, these were great. Got mine at a Kay-Bee clearance as well. I had Blazord, who looked amazing. Sadly, I think I got rid of mine in the great toy-culling of 98, i.e. getting married and moving out of the folks house. Sad news, but cool to see someone else know these too.

"Hey, uh...let's volt in."

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Posted by Gigamach on 18 September, 2007 - 14:31
I loved these toys!

My Brother and I back in the 90's had 4 of the 5 figures shown on the box.

We also got ours at kaybee for I think something like $3.99 (that was a long time ago and I really can't remember but We got all four on the same day so I think they had to be a good deal for my parents to get all four).

I remember being amazed at these toys, we lost all the parts and accesories but the figures stood the test of time and were pretty durable. I don't know how we lost them or what happened to them but I loved these toys and it was because of these figures that I started to really look for better made and articulated toys.

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Posted by akd on 25 September, 2007 - 15:42
Still have three of them.

I don't have the packaging so I thought it would be tough to find out where these figures were from. I saw the trademark on the figures and decided to look them up, that brought me here. I have Zortron(black), Blazord(gray), and Biotron(red). Agreed, these were great toys and so cheap at Kay Bee I couldn't pass them up. I did make some choppy stop-motion with Blazord a while back with my friend but it's all on VHS.

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Posted by Hard Charger on 9 September, 2009 - 06:05
The Greatest Action FIgures Ever!

I picked up a bunch of these guys back when I started seriously getting into collecting toys, in September of 1994. I was working at an office in the upper floors of the Manhattan Mall and on the first floor they had a Kay-Bee toy shop. I believe they were around $8.99 when they were first on sale, but they steadily came down in price..maybe $6.99 and, as akd mentions above, eventually $3.99 each. They even had some deals of 2 for 1 or something like that..basically insanely cheap for the beautiful figures they were. At first I was turned off by the cheasy packaging, but once I picked one up and noticed the Takara logo on the back, I reaized they must have been from some Japanese TV show. I wound up picking up the full set, and then down the line, multiples of the set. I've got a couple of full loose sets (acutally one set picked up on Ebay) , plus most (not all!) of the figures boxed, including doubles of some. They're all packed in boxes in my basement! I still look on Ebay for them from time to time! I'd love to get the figures in their Japanese boxes one day! On a recent trip to Japan, I saw the Blazord figure in a totally clear variant form.

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Posted by kamenliter on 21 August, 2010 - 21:46