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Zybots Splash Robo


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I don't know why but i like

I don't know why but i like the idea of this toy it might because I think the water container is cool

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Posted by Spearichu on 23 June, 2013 - 00:48
Had and Have

I had Zybots as a kid, and was lucky enough to find the semi truck NIB for next to nothing since hardly anyone was searching for these on ebay. I did not find out till later that all their cars and trucks were offered as a gift set that made a gnarly looking gestalt. I like some of them, especially the Semi. He stands next to Road Ranger and G1 Huffer & Optimus on my shelf. He has earned a spot of the retro truck bots.
There is an image of the gestalt here:

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Posted by Coldiron on 23 June, 2013 - 14:16
I love that Gattai. One of my

I love that Gattai. One of my grails, like the Four Star Mr. Hard Hat. I'll probably cover some more Zybots in the future. There's a few gems in the line.

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Posted by The Enthusiast on 23 June, 2013 - 15:12