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VF-1D Metalize Custom 1/100


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The cockpit is different from the Hasegawa VF-1D

I just built a Hasegawa VF-1D and the cockpit area is totally different from the standard VF-1. I don't know whether that's Hasegawa fictionalizing, though. The Hase kit eliminates the speed-brake and makes the whole cockpit section longer to accomodate the second seat; from the looks of things, this Arii kit keeps everything the same and just uses a different cockpit "tray" with the second seat crammed in the back.

I'd like to get a closer look at that head. It actually looks more interesting than the actual version which looks more like a VF-1J retread.

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Posted by RobotBastard on 15 July, 2008 - 10:50
Ride of the Valkyries

I just couldn't get a good focused shot of the head with all that chrome. I know many of these early Arii Macross kits from 82-83 rushed into production and perhaps it was a early drawing that made it into production.

I'm not sure if even the VF-1D had a speed break, but it seems according to your view of the Hasagawa kit that they actually changed the body of the kit and stretched out the nose to fit both seats. I would like to see a review of that kit! I just bought the VF-1A strike Valkyries in 1/72 and I should have a review of the Imai VF-1D transforming kit up in the next few weeks. I most likely will not build the VF-1D kit you have as it seems I've been building VF-1D kits my entire life! ha ha.

I think Arii created a separate tube so they just need to replace the mold for just the head and nose and have a one kit fits all body for the aircrafts.


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Posted by Showapop on 15 July, 2008 - 14:58
The Valkyrie's Profile

You're probably right about Arii's plan; when you're making small toys for the low-end market, you take any cost savings you can get.

Actually, the Arii head almost looks like a VF-1A head with two lasers stuck on it. I think for my next kit I'll try to bash that; call it a "VF-1A Plus".

The Hase VF-1D does not have a speed brake, and the two "spine" blade antenna are arranged side-by-side instead of in line. The overall fighter is the same length, but the cockpit extends further back into the main body.

I think you'll like the Hase 1/72 kits; they're very easy to build. And painting couldn't be simpler--all of the trim decorations are decals! Almost all you have to paint is the base color.

The Hase VF-1D includes an entire VF-1 (non-Super) kit, and you wind up not using big chunks of it (cockpit+nose, and body.) That's probably why it's only ever a limited-production item.

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Posted by RobotBastard on 15 July, 2008 - 15:21
Fate's Arrow

You nailed it about the head on this kit, I was going to describe it as VF-1A with two laser pointers instead of one, next time I photograph I'll try to get a close-up of the head for you.

I'm very close to finishing the Imai VF-1D and I'll get started on the Strike Valkyrie, I'm going to build Hikaru's from DYRL. I'm not only going to review the kit but the photoetche set, missle set and Valkyrie stands for a full review of putting these Hasagawa kits together. I love Hasagawa kits as I've been building 1/72 scale aircraft kits for years and very much Hasa is a world leader in that scale, so I know it's going to be a good and fun build.

Hasagawa is known for their limited edition kits...I don't know why they do it, but if you spend all that money on a mold wouldn't you want to keep it in production as long as you can?

But when it comes down to it it's time for a 1/48 scale Valkyrie!!!!


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Posted by Showapop on 17 July, 2008 - 00:40
Milia = Bruunhilde?

I've used all that stuff; the photoetch set adds some detail to the "vertical" sides that couldn't be detailed because of the mold geometry. Also, there are a couple of places where some raised detail would go over a seam, and filling the seam is tricky without obliterating the detail; the photoetch has pieces to replace those details, so you can sand it all flat without worrying. And there's also a little vent grill assembly for the tail unit that DRIVES ME CRAZY whenever I build it.

The weapons set is pretty straightforward; good detail, no real surprises in what you see. It's the same level of quality as the Valkyries themselves.

The detail stand is actually not so great--back when it came out it was neat because there wasn't really anything like it, but now there are plenty of "display stand" products on the market and the Hase stand doesn't look as good. It's too detailed to be plain and understated, but the detail isn't good enough to compete with the "Mechanical Chain Base" and things of that ilk.

I'm definitely hoping for a 1/48 VF-1, but I think that Yamato pretty much has that market covered.

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Posted by RobotBastard on 17 July, 2008 - 14:19
What's Opera, Doc?

Thanks for the headsup on the photoetch parts. I figured most of the details were for the intakes or flaps. I particularly don't like the stands as there is nothing really similiar to the stands in Macross. It would of been great if they made it like the DYRL ARMD-1 and connect to the boosters, not only that they particularly look oversized when you put a non strike/super valkyrie on one of the stands.....but hey that's what DX reviews are for!

You should write up a review for DX I would love to see some of your work!


We'll fight them on the Beaches!

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Posted by Showapop on 19 July, 2008 - 00:17