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Tryder G7 Bird Attack


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Right now I'm looking for the Ceppi Ratti version of Trider G7. It was an awesome toy, 30cm long, very robust, with thick foil stickers, fist-firing, with rotating cutter disc and trident weapon, no bird firebird wings and no transformation (unfortunately).

However, it was battery-operated and it could walk, light up, rotate on its waist and make a noisy cannon shooting sound.

Besides, it had an awesome anime-accurate head sculpt (way better than the CLOVER offering) and the paint application was mouth-watering to say the least.

It was the apple of my eyes!

Much later, I remember dismantling it (after a plastic gear cracked) and giving the external body parts plus box to an old friend of mine. I really miss it. I still have its two small light bulbs which...still light up. In the 1980s LEDs were still not invented!

Nice review Josh! Thanks for sharing.

Oh and by the way, keep in mind that Tryder G-7 was constructed mainly as a mercantile space freighter destined to carry mineral ore from other planets not as a fighting robot. He has to transform into Trider G-7 when there is an attack by some enemy robot. There is also another transformation besides the spaceship mode - namely the beagle mode which I find very, very cool!

Hopefully, Tryder G-7 will be released by BANDAI as a Soul of Chogokin by the end of this year!

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 24 July, 2010 - 17:29