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Nice!, this little gokin is

Nice!, this little gokin is so beautiful to me. I like basic stuff as much or more than something with modern precision and high tech gimmicks. Basically like what I remember from my childhood. I doubt I'll ever be able to own a vintage Baldios, so thanks for reviewing it.

BTW, could Telecine be an italian word? In spanish, which is slightly similar to italian (slightly) Tele and Cine would be two words loosely translated as Teletheater, could also mean transfering film to video...not that this helps much in finding the company info, but yeah

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Posted by chachipower on 11 September, 2011 - 22:44
Right, Cachipower... Italian Cine is short for "Cinematografo" or "Cinema".

I remember Al-es from back in the day and this Baldios looks to me as a legit product. The package surely gives this away, Josh is right, the days of Photoshop were a long way ahead...

As for the copyright note, rights in Italy were such a mess back then, that I think Telecine could easily have been some kind of European or American company that bought rights to the show from Japan and then re-sold it to Italian TV, hence the AL-es people giving a wrong credit.

Famously, when Italian national TV (RAI) bought the rights to air Grendizer, the press package( guide book) for it came from France (the only country to have aired it complete, outside Japan), where the folders for each series were named "ATLAS". So, when the "ATALAS" about UFO ROBOT (as it was called in France) came about the RAI offices, they thought the series name was ATLAS UFO ROBOT, and they aired it as such!

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Posted by zmaz on 12 September, 2011 - 04:52

Zmaz, you are right.
This was my first robot toy that I got when I was 4 years old, it happened when I was visiting relatives in Genova Italy. Imagine a 4 year old kid in a toy store that had piles and piles of chogokins. I was mesmerized and couldn't decide witch one I wanted so my mom and my godmother settled on Baldios :).
I can say it was a pretty good toy, it was heavy and it had a few gimmicks that I enjoyed. When I saw your review it brought so many memories back and I finally found out the robots name Baldios. When I was a kid I didn't care about the name of the robot I just cared that I had a cool looking diecast toy. At that time Mazinger Z, Grandizer, Voltes 5 were the ones I watched on Italian TV, they were my favorite but their toys were kind of expensive so I never got one.
Never you mind that because I got older and at age 30 I had me a Japanese girlfriend that I met in the US while studying Business English and ended up visiting her in Tokyo and making more Japanese friends that took me places. Those places were the second hand shops in Tokyo called nanimoya I think, where I finally bought Soul of Choigokin Mazinger Black and grey version. Heh, it took me 25 years to get my Mazinger but at least I'm older now and I don't have the urge to brake it only appreciate as a memento and symbol of my youth.
Thanx for making this nice review of Baldios, keep up the good work.

Sinisa from Coratia

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Posted by spawnie051 on 15 September, 2011 - 03:08