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Raideen Bop Bag


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Hmmm... I dont know. Maybe

Hmmm... I dont know. Maybe they feel bad for you buying more Reideen stuff? Maybe its for good luck? Looks like you struck it rich though cause you're right, that is about 6 million dollars

...speaking of which I just read the dollar bought you 360Yen from 1949-1971, now it's almost a 1/5th of that :(

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Posted by chachipower on 10 October, 2011 - 23:19

from review, were the coins added now? maybe they were in package for change for original buyer in the 70's???

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Posted by AJProDie-Cast on 16 October, 2011 - 15:10
The answer is clear

The Yen were included for target practice. Now Josh can LITERALLY throw money at another Reideen toy. Disappointing review. You failed to comment on the articulation of this Bop Bag. Ha Ha, He he.

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Posted by Ligerbomb72 on 16 October, 2011 - 21:10
I love the extras you

I love the extras you sometimes get when I receive my packages from Japan. I've gotten a Christmas holiday cloth and a blank japanese greeting card!

It's very charming! What year are the coins? I would keep it with your Raiden collection, no need to spend it (unless it goes to 300¥ to $1 !


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Posted by Showapop on 17 October, 2011 - 09:36
So, you see, the guys of

So, you see, the guys of TokyoBuyers knew that you run a famous site about toys which name ends with "DX" and wanted pay some kind of homage, so they sent also some coins of the currency which name is the same as yours. Little did they know they mistook the site and owner name for ToyBoxDX and Alen Yen, instead of CollectionDX and Joshua B..

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Posted by LuizSSB on 17 October, 2011 - 13:36