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World Hero Series

Popy’s World Hero (ポピー ワールド ヒーロー) line is a line of 3 ¾” action figures released in 1980. The line started as a way to distribute Kenner’s Star Wars action figures in Japan. The first 15 figures were boxed Star Wars figures from the Empire Strikes Back era. The line proved so successful that Popy continued the formula with its own Japanese properties – namely Ultraman, Denjiman, and Kamen Rider. Along with the figures, Popy released 3 carrying cases, similar to the Darth Vader carrying case by Kenner.

Star Wars

S-01 Boba Fett

S-02 Darth vader

S-03 R2-D2

S-04 C-3p0

S-05 Luke Skywalker (bespin)

S-06 Han Solo (Hoth)

S-07 Chewbacca

S-08 Luke Skywalker

S-09 Han Solo

S-10 Snow Trooper

S-11 Death Star Droid

S-12 Rebel Soldier

S-13 Luke Skywalker (X-Wing)

S-14 R5-D4

S-15 Stormtrooper

Japanese Heroes

01 Ultraman

02 Ultraman Taro

03 Ultraman Jonias

04 Ultra 7

05 Denji Red

06 Denji Green

07 Denji Blue

08 Denji Yellow

09 Denji Pink

10 Skyrider

11 General Monster

12 Air Commando

13 Kumo-Jin

14 Gamereo-Zin

15 Kamen Rider Super 1

16 Ultraman 80

Collection Box (Carrying Cases)

Ultraman 80

Denji Red


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No.sort icon Toy name Year
10 Skyrider 1980
11 General Monster 1980
14 Gamelojin 1980
8 Denji Yellow 1980
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