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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Voltron II Deluxe Gladiator Set GC-04 Gokin 1984
Voltron Gokin 1997
Voltron Lion Force Assembler Character Toy 1984
Voltron Masterpiece Edition Gokin 2005
Voltron 1 Deluxe Warrior Set Action Figure, Character Toy 1984
Computer Control Vehicle Force Voltron Action Figure 1984
LSA Combo Character Toy 2000
Robeast Mutilor Action Figure 1984
Robeast Scorpious Action Figure 1984
VOLTRON! Voltron (Giant size) Robot Toy 1999
Voltron 30th Anniversary Collector's Set Voltron 30th Anniversary Collector's Set Transforming Toy 2014
Warrior 1 Warrior 1 Transforming Toy
Voltron 84 Red Lion Red Lion Robot Toy 2018
Yellow Lion Yellow Lion Robot Toy 2018
Green Lion Green Lion Robot Toy 2018
Blue Lion Blue Lion Robot Toy 2018
Black Lion Black Lion Robot Toy 2018
Voltron Voltron 2018
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