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Virus Attack

VIRUS ATTACK is a cartoon based on the story of five superheroes fighting against an army of alien viruses , landed on our planet. These monstrous aliens can melt together, mutate, duplicate and melt with cars, planes, trains and all the earthling things.
Viruses nourish themselves with the earth illnesses : pollution, drought, hate and violence.

The main characters are a group of teens helped in their fight by a famous scientist . Thanks to him, the five guys discover their power to turn into Antivirus . Through their special superpowers they can face the viruses’ massive attack.

It’s a very engaging story, full of dramatic turns of events and its plot is of topical interest.
In Italy the cartoon will be broadcasted by Cartoon Network from April 2011, whereas Boing will broadcast the series from September 2011. Besides the Italian market, VIRUS ATTACK has already been purchased by many TVs of the world, that will put it on air in 2012.

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Kromur 2011
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