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On the Sentai Mountain, humans work side-by-side with intelligent robots in mines. They use large excavation machines to dig out, gather, and transport mined rock to the surface. Unfortunately, an error occurred in one of the machines, and it sparked a vicious rebellion. Robots turned on their human masters, and through the fighting a series of mysterious explosions blasted the mountain into two halves. The robots were eventually driven deep into the newly-formed canyon far below.


Peace was restored, and the humans began building long bridges to span the two halves of the tall mountain. But deep underground, the robots came together again, and grew quietly; rebuilding their mining machines into powerful Battle Machines with armor and weapons. Their surprise return ignited another furious war, which allowed them to take control of half of Sentai Mountain. The robots were about to take on the second half when they were halted by a secret human project: Exo-Force. The humans had quickly assembled a team of warriors, and built their own Battle Machines to counter the robots.


Now, the robots’ wave of conquest has been halted at the Tenchi Bridge because of the new Exo-Force, high above the base of the mountain. There is now a stand-off between the two sides...


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No.sort icon Toy name Year
7700 Stealth Hunter 2006
7701 Grand Titan 2005
7702 Thunder Fury 2005
7703 Fire Vulture 2005
7704 Sonic Phantom 2005
7706 Mobile Defense Tank 2006
7707 Striking Venom 2006
7708 Uplink 2005
7711 Sentry 2005
7712 Supernova 2005
7714 Golden Guardian 2007
8100 Cyclone Defender 2007
8101 Claw Crusher 2007
8102 Blade Titan 2007
8103 Sky Guardian 2007
8104 Shadow Crawler 2007
8106 Aero Booster 2007
8111 River Dragon 2008
8112 Battle Arachnoid 2008
8113 Assault Tiger 2008
8114 Chameleon Hunter 2008
8115 Dark Panther 2008
8117 Storm Lasher 2008
8118 Hybrid Rescue Tank 2008
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