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For larger than life action that fits in the palm of your hand, Yamato presents the GN-U DOU. With the GNU-DOU, Japan's Super Robots spring to life as never before through a new innovative internal frame design for maximum movement and posing, while outer coverings express the unique look and feel of each character. A three size system further conveys a sense of scale as well as the enlarged, powered up versions of individual characters as they are seen in the original anime series for an unprecedented line-up with maybe a few surprises. The GN-U DOU, a new revolution in action figures.

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No. Toy namesort icon Year
009 Baldios 2008
006 Baxingar 2008
005 Braiger 2008
007 Dancouga 2008
010 Dancouga Nova 2008
004 Goshogun 2008
11 Kenryu 2008
008 Sasuraiger 2008
015Z VF-11B Thunderbolt 2008
003 VF-11B Valkyrie 2008
001 YF-19 Valkyrie 2008
002 YF-21 Valkyrie 2008
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