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G.I. Joe

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Name No. Type Year
Zartan Action Figure 2006
Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun Action Figure, Vehicle 1983
Tripwire Listen n’ Fun Tripwire Listen n’ Fun Action Figure, Character Toy, Figure 1985
Storm Shadow Action Figure 2005
Starduster - Jet Pack trooper Action Figure, Character Toy 1987
Spirit Iron-Knife Action Figure 2005
Snake Eyes - Commando Snake Eyes - Commando Action Figure 1982
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes Action Figure 2005
Sky B.A.T Action Figure 2005
Sigma Strike Duke Action Figure 2006
Pocket Patrol Pack Pocket Patrol Pack Action Figure 1983
Ninja Duel Snake Eyes Ninja Duel Snake Eyes Action Figure 2013
Ninja B.A.T Action Figure 2005
Mantis Mech Mantis Mech Vehicle 2006
Lifeline: Rescue Trooper Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Premium Lifeline: Rescue Trooper Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Premium Action Figure, Character Toy 1991
Iron Hammer Vehicle 2006
H.I.S.S. Tank H.I.S.S. Tank Vehicle 1983
GI Joe Collectors Display Case GI Joe Collectors Display Case Action Figure, Ephemera 1983
General M. Bison General M. Bison Action Figure 1994
G.I.Joe Ninja Battles: Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow G.I.Joe Ninja Battles: Snake Eyes Vs Storm Shadow Action Figure 2009
G.I. Joe Zombie-Viper G.I. Joe Zombie-Viper Action Figure 2011
G.I. Joe Cycle Armor G.I. Joe Cycle Armor Action Figure, Transforming Toy, Vehicle 2012
FLAK Cannon FLAK Cannon Vehicle 1982
Firefly (Saboteur) 82394 Action Figure 2007
Duke Duke 04 Action Figure 2020
Dragonhawk Dragonhawk Vehicle 2006
Destro Action Figure 2005
Cobra Commander Battlefield General Action Figure 2006
Cobra Commander Action Figure 2005
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