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Imported Mini-cars from Mark's Gokin Robo Car series. Two series of vehicles were released. Series 1 were direct imports of Mark's Gokin Robo Car line. Series 2 were from the "American Robo Car (アメリカンロボカー)" line from Mark. Many releases were released with different color robot bodies, although the car mode remained the same.

Series 1

Series 2

  • Baron (Chrysler Lebaron Robo)
  • Bird (Pontiac Firebird Robo)
  • Blazer (4WD Robo)
  • Vette (Corvette Stingray Robo)
  • Voyager (Chrysler Wagon Robo)

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
City City Transforming Toy 1985
Convert-A-Bots Van Convert-A-Bots Van Transforming Toy 1984
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