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Convert-A-Bots was a line by Village Toys. Series 1 consisted of repackaged Korea versions of the Mark Gokin Robo Car toys, some with different colors. They all were sealed on the same card, so no toy names were used, so we are using their Japanese names. Series 2 were new designs. There were other knockoff robots in the line as well, many imported / copied from Yonezawa. Oddly enough, Yonezawa did create some toys for export out of Japan with the "Convert-a-bots" logo, but we are unsure if they are connected.

  • Soarer Robo (Black Sedan)
  • Ace Robo (Black Van)
  • Vette (Red Corvette)
  • Sand Bully (Orange Pickup)
  • Land Cruiser (Brown Truck)
The following may have been Japanese only releases, but I've seen them marked as Convert-A-Bots

  • Fire Van (Red van)
  • Police Car (White Car)
  • City Police Car (White Honda City)

Series 2

  • Blue Camaro
    • Other

      • Pow-r-Bots (Copy of Yonezawa Remote Change Robo)
      • Fight-r-Bots
      • N-4-SR (Copy of Toycom Astro Magnum, later used as Transformers G1 Shockwave)
      • Talk-a-bot
      • Trans-Bot-3 (Copy of Yonezawa Daijim)

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