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Brave Gokin

CM's Corporation line of diecast high-end toys.

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No. Toy namesort icon Year
BG-32 Aestivalis Akito & Amano Custom 2010
BG-29 Aestivalis Ground Type & Aerial Battle Frame 2009
BG-33 Aestivalis OG Battle Frame Subaru & Maki Machine 2010
BG-15 AV-98 Ingram - 1&2 (OVA Ver.) 2008
BG-07 AV-98 Ingram 1 & 2 (Movie Version) 2007
BG-07x AV-98 Ingram 1 & 3 (TV Version) 2007
BG-14 AV-98 Ingram 1/2/3 (Reactive Armor Ver.) 2008
BG-19 Baldios 2008
BG-19 Baldios (Mizawa Limited ver.) 2008
BG-34 Barattack 2011
BG-34 Barattack (Mizawa Limited Ver.) 2011
BG-20 Bartley Ride Armor 2008
BG-39 Boss Palder 2013
BG-21x Calibur 2009
BG-EX02 Dark Legioss 2008
BG-EX03 Dark Legioss Pilotless Type 2009
BG-02x Dimension Pliers 2006
BG-06 Gaigo 2006
BG-06 Gaigo (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2008
BG-17 Gakeen 2008
BG-17 Gakeen (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2008
BG-05 Gaofighgar 2006
BG-01x GaoGaGar Power Up Set 2005
BG-01 GaoGaiGar 2004
BG-01 GaoGaiGar (God of Destruction Set) 2005
BG-01 GaoGaiGar (Mizawa Limited) 2006
BG-01S Gaogaigar Special Set (Completed) Miyazawa Model Ver. 2007
BG-25 GaoGaiGar Ver. 2 2009
BG-12 GaoGaiGo 2007
BG-03 Genesic Gaogaigar 2006
BG-03 Genesic Gaogaigar (Miyazawa Model Ver.) 2006
BG-03. BG-02 Genesic Gaogaigar Set 2006
BG-04 God Raijin-Oh 2006
BG-28 God Raijin-Oh 2009
BG-04 God Raijin-Oh (Miyazawa Model Ver.) 2006
BG-30 Gordian 2010
BG-30 Gordian (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2010
BG-08 GoShogun 2007
BG-08 GoShogun (Mizawa Limited ver.) 2007
BG-40 Grendizer 2013
BG-09 Griffon 2007
BG-10 Gyakuten-Oh 2007
BG-10 Gyakuten-Oh (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2007
BG-35 Jeeg 2011
BG-35b Jeeg (Limited Black Ver.) 2011
BG-35 Jeeg (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2011
BG-37 Jeeg Big Shooter 2012
BG-37 Jeeg Big Shooter (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2012
BG-38 Jeeg Option Parts Set 2012
BG-38 Jeeg Option Parts Set (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2012
BG-04x Ken-Oh (Anime Color Ver.) 2006
BG-EX01 Legioss & Tread (Eta) 2008
BG-EX01 Legioss and Tread (Iota) 2009
BG-EX01 Legioss and Tread (Zeta) 2008
BG-27 Linebarrels 2009
BG-27 Linebarrels Mode B (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-27 Linebarrels Mode C (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-21 Mugen Calibur 2009
BG-21 Mugen Calibur (Miyazawa Ver.) 2009
BG-13 Ride Armor (Ley Type) 2008
BG-13 Ride Armor (Stick Type) 2008
BG-18 Ride Armor Blowsperior Yellow Type 2008
BG-20x Ride Armor Dark 21/31 type 2008
BG-20x Ride Armor Dark VR-038L Shinobu Type 2008
BG-11 Sankan-Oh 2007
BG-02 Star Gaogaigar Set 2005
BG-24 Star Gaogaigar Ver.2 2009
BG-36 Tekkaman & Pegas 2012
BG-36 Tekkaman & Pegas (Limited Metallic Ver.) 2012
BG-23 Tetsukyojin 2009
BG-23 Tetsukyojin (Mizawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-31 Time Dotabattan 2010
BG-31 Time Dotabattan (Limited Black Color Ver.) 2010
BG-22 Time Kuwagattan 2009
BG-22 Time Kuwagattan (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
BG-26 Time Mechabuton 2009
BG-26 Time Mechabuton (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) 2009
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