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War For Cybertron

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
WFC-S9 Hound 2019
WFC-S40 Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime 2019
WFC-S36 Refraktor 2019
WFC-S28 Jetfire 2019
WFC-K6 Warpath 2021
WFC-K21 Soundwave 2021
WFC-K19 Inferno 2021
WFC-E8 Ironworks 2020
WFC-E5 Hoist 2020
WFC-E36 Sunstreaker 2021
WFC-E34 Trailbreaker 2020
WFC-09 Bumblebee 2020
PX-01 Genesis 2013
#001 Optimus Prime 2012
Optimus Prime 2010
Bumblebee 2010
Soundwave 2010
Shockwave 2012
Bruticus 2012
Grimlock 2013
Mors 2016
Sparkless Bot 2021
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