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Beast Wars

Beast Wars (Beasties in Canada) was a line of toys under the Transformers banner, released by Hasbro between 1995 and 1999. The toys spawned a full-CG animated series set in the Transformers universe, produced by Mainframe Entertainment of Canada. The series debuted in 1996, as a sequel to the original Transformers which debuted in 1984 as both a television series and as a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The television series was followed by various limited comic book stories from several companies including Dreamwave comics and IDW.

The series follows the adventures of the "Maximals" and the "Predacons", rival factions of beings who transform between their natural robot and alternative "beast" modes. The Maximals are descendants of the Autobots from the original series, while the Predacons's ancestors were the Decepticons. An interesting element of the series frequently leans the balance of power in the favor of the Predacons, many of whom have spent their lives in the art of warfare. The Maximals, mainly comprised of scientists, have been drawn into an ongoing conflict beyond the scope of their experience. Overall, Beast Wars is one of the most beloved Transformers series made as many fans across the world cherish it for its sophisticated writing and in-depth character development. (Wikipedia)

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