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Time Bokan

Time Bokan

Time Bokan (タイムボカン) is a Japanese anime series first aired on Fuji TV from October 4, 1975 to December 25, 1976 throughout Japan every Saturday at 6:30pm, with a total of 61 30-minute episodes. It was produced by Tatsunoko Productions, who later produced a number of spinoff programs as part of the "Time Bokan Series":


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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Time Kuwagattan BG-22 Gokin, Vehicle 2009
Time Kuwagattan (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) BG-22 Gokin, Vehicle 2009
Time Mechabuton BG-26 Gokin, Vehicle 2009
Time Mechabuton (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) BG-26 Gokin, Vehicle 2009
Time Dotabattan Time Dotabattan BG-31 Gokin, Vehicle 2010
Time Dotabattan (Limited Black Color Ver.) BG-31 Gokin, Vehicle 2010
Mekabuton Mekabuton SG-01 Gokin, Vehicle 1998
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