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Jyuken Sentai GekiRanger

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Within all of us is a spirit that is in tune with nature. Through special training techniques and control, a form of Chinese martial arts was discovered 4000 years ago called jyuken (beast-fist), which allows a user to harness their unique inner beast. Through the use of jyuken, two martial arts schools arose: the peaceful & focused Geki JyuKen Beast Arts, and its secretive & dark opposite Rin JyuKen Aku Gata. When he re-acquires a special bracelet, its current leader Rio will be able to summon the three original Rin JyuKen Kenma masters, and destroy Geki JyuKen. Leaning of Rio’s plan, the public front company for Geki JyuKen, SCRTC [pronounced as “scratch”] begins recruiting experienced users of jyuken and equipping them with technology which utilizes their mystical powers into physical armor and weapons. As Rio struggles with inner demons and harsh training to become the most powerful jyuken user ever and lead the Rin JyuKen to victory, the newly-formed Jyuken Sentai GekiRanger will do everything they can to prevent him from harvesting the despair of humans and silence their evil twin school forever.

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Geki Saber Geki Saber Weapon 2007
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