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Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
DX Bike Robo DX Bike Robo Transforming Toy 2018
Rod Drill Rod Drill 01 Transforming Toy 2023
Baikanfu! Baikanfu 07 Action Figure, Gokin, Robot Toy 2011
Kenryu Kenryu 11 Action Figure 2008
Tank Transer Tank Transer BW-1 Transforming Toy 1985
Machine Robo Sidelanser Machine Robo Sidelanser BW-2 Transforming Toy 1986
Judo Robo Judo Robo C-2 Action Figure, Transforming Toy 1986
Blue Jet Blue Jet EM03 Gokin, Transforming Toy 2012
Double Rock Double Rock GR-3 Transforming Toy 1985
Baikanfu GX-39 Gokin 2007
Battle Robo Battle Robo MR-04 Transforming Toy 2017
Shuttle Robo Shuttle Robo MR-07 Transforming Toy 2017
Missile Tank Robo Missile Tank Robo MR-08 Transforming Toy 2017
Block Head / Mixer Robo Block Head / Mixer Robo MR-36 Transforming Toy 1984
Heat Seeker / Falcon Robo Heat Seeker / Falcon Robo MR-49 Transforming Toy 1985
Baikanfu Baikanfu MR-C Gokin, Transforming Toy 1986
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