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Machine Blaster

Full name "Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster" (ブロッカー軍団IVマシーンブラスター). Machine Blaster ran in Japan from 1976-1977 and lasted 38 episodes. The show was also popular in Italy, where it was named Astro Robot Contatto Ypsilon.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Silver Warrior Gokin 1978
Blocker IV - Boss Palder Blocker IV - Boss Palder Gokin 1976
Robo Kress Junior Machinder, Machinder
Robo Kress Robo Kress Gokin 1976
Kondor Bleu Kondor Bleu Junior Machinder, Machinder
Blocker IV Boss Palder Blocker IV Boss Palder BG-39 Gokin 2013
Blocker Gundan IV Blocker Gundan IV RH-03 Robot Toy 2016
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