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Jagun Fighters

More than two thousand years ago, an ancient evil descended upon the land. Distraught, the people of the village sought guidance from their Emperor. Recalling the legend of the Jagun Warriors, the Emperor summoned the mythical guardians who soon appeared before him with five glowing stones. The Warriors explained that the stones contained the ultimate power necessary to conquer evil. Leaving their fate to the “Power of The Eye,” the villagers defeated the invading evil that had plagued their land. This legend has been translated today into collectible action figures and Power Eye Stones, recreating the deeds from centuries past.

The Jagun Fighters toy line debuted in August 2003 as a new brand that combines action figures with the elements of a game involving the themes of “fate” and “chance.” The game is played with two players battling one another with pieces called Power Eye Stones.

  • Rugi
    Bandai America

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Rugi Rugi Action Figure 2003
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