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Ippatsuman (イッパツマン)

Time Bokan Series Sudden Change Ippatsuman (タイムボカンシリーズ逆転イッパツマン) was an animated television series by Tatsunoko that aired in Japan from 1982-1983.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Gyakuten-oh ST Gyakuten-oh ST Gokin 1982
Tokkyu Mammoth Tokkyu Mammoth Gokin 1982
Sankan-Oh ST Sankan-Oh ST Gokin 1982
Tockyu Zaurus Tockyu Zaurus Character Toy, Gokin
Home Baser Home Baser Gokin, Vehicle 1982
Gyakuten-Oh Gyakuten-Oh Power Up Box Action Figure 1982
Gyakuten-Oh BG-10 Gokin 2007
Gyakuten-Oh (Miyazawa Limited Ver.) BG-10 Gokin 2007
Sankan-Oh BG-11 Gokin 2007
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