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Godzilla (ゴジラ - Gojira) is a giant Japanese movie monster (kaiju) first seen in the 1954 Japanese tokusatsu film Gojira, produced by Toho Film Company Ltd. To date, Toho has produced 28 Godzilla films. In 1998 TriStar Pictures produced a nominal remake of the original set in contemporary New York city. A new film is slated to be produced by Advanced Audiovisual Productions.

Godzilla is characterized as amphibious, nearly indestructible and highly regenerative, and breathing a sort of nuclear fire or "heat-ray". The earliest two Godzilla films visually and thematically evoke the US bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the aftermath and human damage of Godzilla's attacks. Although much of Godzilla's significance as an anti-war symbol has been lost in the transition to pop culture, the nuclear breath remains as a visual vestige of the creature's early Cold War politics. (Wikipedia)

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Titanosaurus Kaiju 2001
Pack of Destruction Kaiju 2002
Godzilla Kaiju
Godzilla Kaiju 1994
DX Mechagodzilla 2003 Kaiju 2002
Godzilla 1954 Godzilla 1954 Kaiju 2002
Godzilla Godzilla Jumbo Machinder, Kaiju, Machinder 1978
Godzilla 2001 Kaiju 2005
Godzilla 2004 Kaiju 2006
Gigan 2004 Kaiju 2006
Space Godzilla Kaiju 2004
King Ghidorah Kaiju 2005
Mechagodzilla Kaiju 2005
Megalon Kaiju 2004
2001 Chiller Theatre King Ghidorah Kaiju 2001
2001 San Diego Comicon Baragon 2001 San Diego Comicon Baragon Kaiju 2001
Hedora Kaiju 2006
Godzilla 1968 (Standard) Kaiju 2006
Godzilla Godzilla Kaiju 1999
Hedorah Kaiju 2007
Godzilla (Bullmark Reissue) Kaiju 2001
Rodan Kaiju 2007
MechaGodzilla Kaiju 2008
Godzilla: Final Wars Kaiju 2008
Mecha-King Ghidorah Kaiju 2005
Godzilla Godzilla Character Toy, Kaiju, Monsters 1985
Jett Jaguar Jet Jaguar Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2009
Gotengo 2005 Gotengo 2005 Gokin, Vehicle 2004
Haruo Nakajima as Godzilla (Irasawa Version) Haruo Nakajima as Godzilla (Irasawa Version) Character Toy, Kaiju 2000
Glow Hedorah Glow Hedorah Kaiju 2009
Godzilla Godzilla Kaiju
Godzilla Godzilla Kaiju
Mechagodzilla '74 Mechagodzilla '74 Kaiju 1989
Zilla Zilla Kaiju
Godzilla 1968 Godzilla 1968 Kaiju 2007
Godzilla Godzilla Character Toy, Kaiju 1988
Godzilla vs. Rodan in New York – Micro Battle Playset Godzilla vs. Rodan in New York – Micro Battle Playset Character Toy 1994
MechaGodzilla MechaGodzilla Action Figure, Kaiju, Tamashii 2011
MechaGodzilla MechaGodzilla Designer Toy, Kaiju 2012
Godzilla Godzilla Kaiju 2012
Fusion Series Godzilla Godzilla (Fusion Series) Kaiju 2012
Gigan (Fusion Series) Gigan (Fusion Series) Kaiju 2012
SpaceGodzilla SpaceGodzilla Action Figure, Kaiju, Monsters, Tokusatsu 2012
Little Godzilla Little Godzilla Action Figure, Character Toy, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2012
Burning Godzilla Burning Godzilla (1995) Action Figure, Kaiju 2012
Moguera Moguera Action Figure, Kaiju 2012
Destroyah Evolution Set Destroyah Evolution Set Action Figure, Kaiju 2013
Mechagodzilla Mechagodzilla Kaiju 2012
Godzilla 1964 Godzilla 1964 Action Figure, Kaiju, Tamashii 2013
Biollante Biollante Action Figure, Kaiju 2013
MFS-3 Type 3 Kiryu MFS-3 Type 3 Kiryu Action Figure, Kaiju, Robot Toy, Tokusatsu 2013
Godzilla 2000 Godzilla 2000 Action Figure, Kaiju 2013
Burning Godzilla (SDCC) Action Figure, Kaiju 2012
King Ghidorah Action Figure, Kaiju 2012
Destroyah Action Figure, Kaiju 2013
Battra Battra Action Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2014
Godzilla (2014) Godzilla (2014) Kaiju 2014
Godzilla (Pack of Destruction) Godzilla (Pack of Destruction) Kaiju 2014
Gigan (2004) Gigan (2004) Action Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2014
Burning Godzilla (Fusion Series) Burning Godzilla (Fusion Series) Kaiju 2012
Millenium Godzilla (Fusion Series) Millenium Godzilla (Fusion Series) Kaiju 2012
Mothra (Fusion Series) Mothra (Fusion Series) Kaiju 2012
Power-Up Mecha Godzilla Power-Up Mecha Godzilla Kaiju 1996
Godzilla 1995 (Birth Ver) Godzilla 1995 (Birth Ver) Action Figure, Kaiju, Tokusatsu 2014
HG Godzilla 2014 HG Godzilla 2014 Gashapon / Trading Figure 2014
MechaGodzilla Mechagodzilla Bank Ephemera, Kaiju 2014
MFS-3 Type 3 Kiryu Heavyarms MFS-3 Type 3 Kiryu Heavyarms Kaiju 2014
Godzilla 2014 Godzilla 2014 Kaiju 2014
Godzilla Jumbosaurus Godzilla Jumbosaurus Kaiju 2007
Muto Muto Kaiju 2014
Godzilla Godzilla Kaiju 2019
Godzilla Godzilla (1962) Kaiju 2019
Jet Jaguar Jet Jaguar Character Toy, Kaiju 2021
Kaiju Puppet Show Gojiban Minilla Kaiju 2021
Rodan Rodan Kaiju 2022
Godzilla Terrestris Godzilla Terrestris Kaiju 2022
Hedorah Hedorah Action Figure 2023
Godzilla '57 (Silver Screen Edition) Godzilla '57 (Silver Screen Edition) Kaiju 2023
Mechagodzilla Mechagodzilla Jumbo Machinder, Machinder 2023
Mothra Mothra 012 Action Figure, Kaiju, Monsters 2011
Godzilla 1 Kaiju, Statue 2007
King Ghidorah King Ghidorah 2 Kaiju 2008
Godzilla 67 clear spine Guranma store exclusive Kaiju 2005
Godzilla 1992 Godzilla 1992 G-01 Kaiju 1998
Mechagodzilla 2003 Mechagodzilla 2003 GD-45 Gokin, Kaiju 2002
Mechagodzilla 1975 Mechagodzilla 1975 GD-98 Gokin, Kaiju 2006
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