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New Getter Robo

In 2004, director Jun Kawagoe produced a new OVA called New Getter Robo (Shin Getta Robo 新・ゲッターロボ), this time being a re-telling of the Getter Robo story. In this new story humanity is under attack by demonic creatures called Oni. As in the original stories, Dr. Saotome creates a series of Getter-Ray-powered robots to fight the monsters, culminating the creation of Getter Robo. Both the robot and the Getter Team were redesigned for the new series. Getter Robo is more detailed and mechanical-looking than its earlier forms, and all three pilots - Ryoma, Hayato, and a combination of Musashi and Benkei's archetypes named "Benkei Musashibou" - are more violent and antiheroic. Ryoma is now a street fighter, Hayato a bloodthirsty, psychotic gang leader, and Benkei a hedonistic and gluttonous apprentice monk. This remake is considered truer to the original story and spirit of Getter Robo (it was especially more faithful to the original manga version) than the previous remakes and sequels. 13 episodes were produced for this OVA.(Wikipedia)

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
New Getter Robo Renewal (Black Version) New Getter Robo Renewal (Black Version) Gokin 2008
Getter 1 001 Action Figure 2006
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