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Getter Robo Armageddon

Getter Robo Armageddon ( 真(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ~世界最後の日 Shin (Chenji!!) Getta Robo~Sekai Saigo no Hi?), often simply referred to as Change!! Getter Robo in Japan, is an original video animation released in 1998 by Bandai Visual, based on the manga and anime series Getter Robo, created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa. The series, however, owes more to the manga than the 1970s animated adaptation, with designs closer to those of Ishikawa's original art, and a darker, more serious theme than the anime. It is a direct sequel to the audio drama 'Getter Robo: The Moon Wars', not the 1970s TV series (a common misconception).- Wikipedia

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No.sort icon Toy name Year
Shin Getter 1 OVA Ver. 2013
Getter 1 2015
SxT02 Black Getter 2014
SxT03 Getter 1 2014
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