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The Eldoran Series (エルドランシリーズ) was the name of a number of anime and toy lines produced by Sunrise from 1991-1994. It appears to be a competitor to The Takara sponsored Brave Series.

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Name No.sort icon Type Year
Raijin-Oh BG-28 Gokin 2009
Ken-Oh (Anime Color Ver.) BG-04x Gokin 2006
God Raijin-Oh God Raijin-Oh BG-04 Gokin 2006
God Raijin-Oh (Miyazawa Model Ver.) BG-04 Gokin 2006
Granzaurer Transforming Toy 1993
Go-Saurer Go-Saurer Action Figure, Character Toy, Robot Toy, Transforming Toy 2007
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