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Dinozaurs: The Series (AKA Prehistoric Warriors, DinoZone (ダイノゾーン) in Japan) is the name of a show which is a combination of Japanese anime and computer animation. It follows the similarities to Transformers, except the heroes were born on Earth.

It is explained in the story that it has been 1,000,000 years since the Dino Knights had last defeated the Dragozaurs. The Dragozaurs have returned, a boy named Kaito has reawakened them. The battle between the Dino Knights and the Dragozaurs begins once again as the Dino Knights prevent the Dragozaurs from stealing Earth's life force.

Bandai America released toys for Dinozaurs from 1999 - 2001

A character roll-out with a difference

In the case of Digimon, Gundam, and the Power Rangers, the TV programs were launched first, helping to stimulate the popularity of the toys. In the case of Dinozone, however, things are going to happen the other way around, with the merchandise launched before the TV programs.

Dinozone is a toy that comes as a set comprising dinosaur action figures plus a cartoon video introducing the dinosaur's world using computer-generated backgrounds. It was launched in Japan in 1998 and has become popular chiefly with children aged three to eight years. Based on the Dinozone toy, Bandai America worked jointly with Sunrise Inc.-the member of the Bandai Group responsible for the planning and production of the original animation-to create "DinoZaurs", a TV cartoon combining 2-D and 3-D animation. This has not yet been released in Japan, but it is scheduled to be broadcast on Fox Kids Network in the US. Bandai's bold experiment will reverse the usual order of things by releasing the merchandise before the cartoon, and in the US before Japan. (from a Bandai Japan press release)

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