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Combattler V


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Hmm, interesting. A few

Hmm, interesting. A few questions...

Are the swords metal in this release? Also is there any upper chest movement?

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 23 February, 2010 - 16:43

The Twin Lancers are plastic and there is no upper body articulation, which by the way is VERY hard to separate the Battle Crasher from the Battle Tank. I have both and if your not a diehard Com-Battler fan and have GX-03 you should be happy with that, for me Com-Battler is one of my favorite combiners so it was a no brainer. It's a step above GX-03 but not a huge leap and just more or less keeps Com-Battler even with the newer combining SOC's.

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Posted by CHEN on 23 February, 2010 - 16:51
Haven't handled this but

Haven't handled this but just from the review I tend to agree. Looks like an improvement but not so much that you'd need both. I do love the new box though. And man, I always had the hardest time separating the Battle Crasher and Tank on the original even! Thought I was the only one.. lol .

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Posted by NekroDave on 23 February, 2010 - 18:48

And here I thought we closed the discussion on crotch thrusting... BAZING!

The Gundam Model Guy

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Posted by Gunpla Rob on 23 February, 2010 - 16:57

I pre-ordered mine from HobbyLink Japan months ago and got it last month. Definitely worth it! I liked the improvements, the paint scheme and the weapons and accessories. However, I think I would nominate CM's GORDIAN for 'Toy of the Year' Award.

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Posted by grendizer1975 on 23 February, 2010 - 16:57
Grand dasher mode is a piece

Grand dasher mode is a piece of crap. Would you display this toy like that? It looks like the sort of thing you try once, shake your head, and pretend it never happened. It's the toy equivalent of making out with a strange-faced girl with a powerful odor and finding out later that she's married to a crazy guy. Just walk away.

Battlecrasher and Battlemarine are disappointing. They look like the result of someone trying to figure out how to make vehicles out of humanoid parts and failing.

The robot looks great. His pile of weapons is gorgeous. Can someone do me a huge favor and put up a picture of his shooting the cock missile while the yoyos are blazing out of his hands? From a full frontal angle.

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Posted by jacksauce on 23 February, 2010 - 18:29
I have the GX-03 but I still

I have the GX-03 but I still want this one, in other words Im a fan of this combiner. I love the brighter coloring and the extra little gimmicks it has, basically all the things I wish it would have had before, it does now. Good review Dan

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Posted by chachipower on 23 February, 2010 - 19:11
This SOC is great! I

This SOC is great! I already had two GX-03, but getting this one was a no brainer. Which brings me back to my failure to understand why some people whine so much about companies continuing to release better engineered versions of the most famous Super Robots in history. When will these people understand that it is GOOD BUSINESS to make figures that people know versus making figures of lesser known characters that may or may not sell. Please, stop the whinning already!!!

Back to the SOC GX-50... IT ROCKS! I wish they had done the same with the Voltes V...


The Mazinger Z's picture
Posted by The Mazinger Z on 23 February, 2010 - 22:44

They did it with voltes v, thats why a gx31-v was released brighter color and a much nicer box....i got that instead of the originl release and it does ROCK!! it also converts to a volt tank so it does pay tribute to the old go-daikin version. Thats a nice step done by BANDAI.

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Posted by badman1014 on 24 February, 2010 - 10:54
So much better than the old, old one

I used to have this guy as a kid, it was the Matchbox or Mattel (forget which) release version and this one looks so much better and different too. It's interesting how this new release doesn't have any of the missile launchers like the old 70s/80s version did and there's no add on piece for the back of the Battlemarine. Best of all it looks like Combattler no longer needs the rubber suspenders that my old one did to keep him together. Wish I had the disposable income to pick this bad boy up.

Riceball's picture
Posted by Riceball on 24 February, 2010 - 13:42
1 big hunk of metal!

This thing is huge. I have about 20 SOC's and this one stands above them all, which may add to his wobbly nature. It takes some patience, but can can get him to display quite nicely. The box is also my favorite.

Mr.Kaji's picture
Posted by Mr.Kaji on 24 February, 2010 - 15:56
Would like to see a video

Would like to see a video review of this baby. Still considering to get or not to get.

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Posted by paulcpl on 12 March, 2010 - 07:55

GX-50 so much better than GX-03 but the time i combined it the left elbow is a little loose... help....

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Posted by Billy-Breakdown on 18 March, 2010 - 06:46