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Name's Ron Arcius, but a simple Ron would do.

I think I started my toy collection not too long ago, which was in 2011. That year was the starting point when I started spending my hard-earned cash for toys and collectibles again. I don't really want to include toy collection when I was a wee lad, because most of those toys are pretty much gone now (damn you thiefing nephews and cousins!), so I'll just start fresh.
My preference of toys is pretty various, from Gundam models, video-game based action figures, super robots, even video-game based goodies (T-shirts, baseball hats, etc). As I said earlier, my toy-collecting frenzy has just started for less than 3 years. So, I hope I can catch up with you all, dear collectors ^_^

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I'm collecting mostly of model kits right now. I was fascinating when I was a kid and watching Voltus V serial in VHS. I'm living in Indonesia. Mostly I watch the super robot anime from VHS when I was a kid. Fascinated by Voltus V, I want a toy like that. But I can't find the toys here in my hometown. And usually the price is also expensive. I have seen some gokin in toys shop in my town Medan but I can't afford that because it's expensive. My parents won't buy it from me. So I start collecting from plastic kits that comes from chewy gum or candies and grown up become fond of assemblying the kits. Most of the time I'm buying gundam kits. But I have bought my first gokin GX-31V Voltus V about a month ago from my friend here and I like it. But since I don't have big money, maybe I can't start collecting lots of gokin. Oh yes, I also bought Tekkaman Blade and Pegas and Legios and Tread from CM. I bought the CDX review about it and growing to like this site.
Thank you CDX.

ro-berto's picture

well... I am a toys collector on any genres, but I mainly collect tokusatsu figures, Gunplas and Keroplas, and Transformers.

lurino's picture

the ever-growing of my toys collection:

Gundam Model Kit series:

GN - 01 Exia 1/144

GN - 03 Kyrios 1/144

Revoltech series:


Dix Neuf



Getter 2

Super Robots:

Goggle V godaikin

Gaiking The Great SOC

prie's picture

Most of my collection is from Gundam series (since it's easier to find & cheaper to buy in my city). This is the complete list:
1. Gundam DX from Gundam X
2. Sumo (silver) from Turn A Gundam
3. God Gundam Hyper Mode from G Gundam
4. Z Gundam from Z Gundam
5. Wing Gundam 0 Custom from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
6. Eternal from Gundam SEED
7. Reideen from Yuusha Reideen
8. Zeruel 14th Angel from Shinseiki Evangelion
All of the Gundams are in 1/144 scale.
Well... I'm planning to buy a Gundam from Gundam 00 if I have a chance.

super chogokin's picture

I Collected DC and Marvel Super Heroes action figure, Soul of Chogokin, Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman,and Transformers