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I grew up on Japanese mecha & anime because my father had several Japanese magazines and unmade models in a closet. LEGOs certainly contributed to that in a big way too!

I was too young to know about "Transformers" until around when "Beast Wars" aired in '96. I very-much enjoyed the [first] live-action film that was released in 2007... though the sequel in 2009 was questionable at best. I also enjoyed the American-made "Transformers: Animated" (2008).

After "Power Rangers" began in '93, I was instantly hooked on them. Then in 2002, I got wise and realized what a rip-off "PR" was, and so I became a Sentai-snob and switched to the original Super Sentai saga instead.

I've also become interested in the Kamen Rider saga since I finished TV-Nihon's subbed third-generation/35th Anniversary "Kamen Rider Kabuto" (TheBee Zecter was my favorite!), and I thoroughly enjoyed the lighter-toned "...Den-O" (2007). I've also caught up on on "...Blade" (2004) (which is probably as far back as I'll go). And I liked watching the Americanized-remake "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight", which actually is doing pretty well IMO for the transition over from the original series, 2002's "Kamen Rider Ryuki".

To this day, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" remains one of my all-time favorite anime series (where do you think I got my username from?), but I haven't seen more than a few complete series of "Gundam"!

Of course, the diagnosis of high-functioning autism- specifically Asperger's Syndrome- in 2002 finally explained my strong compulsion for such things throughout my life and even into today...!

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I especially like robot, monster and superhero toys.

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Just a weird guy who liked toys ever since I can remember.

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I like super robots, Saint Seiya, Gold Knight Garo, and comic book stuff.

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Just some 14 year old Otaku with a fetish for plastic, Die-Cast metal, Manga/Anime and sweaty Japanese men in latex rubber monster suits. That's all! ^^

I first starting getting into this hobby by watching old Godzilla movies on Sci-Fi channel, and then got somewhat. Decayed VHS tapes of episodes of Johnny Sokko and his flying Robot/ Giant Robo, Gigantor and Ultraman. And then I saw Transformers Energon and Megas XLR on Toonami and that changed who I am, then my Dad talked about the old Micronauts and Shogun Warriors toys he had as a kid and I became more aware of stuff I hadn't a clue about and I guess that's were I am today.....

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I have always had a soft spot for transforming toys. Whether it be valceries or super sentai figures. I currently have a rather small collection of transformers and old school power rangers figures. I the uniqueness of some of the figures; being able to transform something into something else completely different is actually exciting. I have always loved these figures, and figures like gundams, macross, and any other robot-styled figures. Though I am an amateur collector, I really love these toys.

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I was brought up on Robotech G.I. Joe and Star Wars. I was first introduced to the world of bad ass robots, on the Christmas of 1985. This was big year for a nerdy kid. Shuttle Tyderium, Optimus Prime, and Voltes V. Once I opened that robot it was all over. My life was changed forever.

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At one time I had collected most of the various types of little green army men, including a semi-scaled KC-130 Spectre Gunship. I also collect Robotech mecha, from the Invid Invasion saga. I adore Legos, and started collecting them with ernest at age seven. At one point I had the entire collection of castles.

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Started collecting toy figures back in 1998. At the time, I only wanted figures of Video game characters. I really like the characters from the game Final Fantasy VII and MegaMan X. The figure that started it all for me was a Bandai Model Kit made in 1997, Rock Man All X.

Back then, I was only 19 years old and the my most sought after item was the Ride Armor Kit, but with college tuition and living expenses, I just could not afford that. So early on, my collection consisted of a lot of small Bandai Final Fantasy VII & Rock Man X model kits.

After having a job and some money to spend, I started collection Resin statues of various game characters, mostly from fighting games like Street Fighter and King of Fighter.

Currently more interested in vintage and rarer items. I still buy whatever catches my attention, but am more focus on trying to get more of those small size Popy figures.