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I am a big fan of Giant Robots/Mecha. My main passion in collecting is for Tetsujin 28-go figures of all kinds, big and small, from diecast to soft vinyl. I'm a fan of the Soul of Chogokin and Revoltech lines. I also collect some Giant Robo and want to pick up more Mazinger Z. I also collect BxH Bounty Hunter, Secret Base and other sofubi.

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Hey, the name is Louis
I'm a collector of all things Kotobukiya, Revoltech and Play Arts Kai
Quite a big Science Fiction Okatu, I spend most of my time watching Japanese Mecha/Cyber Punk animation, Video gaming, and reading Iron Man related Graphic Novels/Comics
I'm also probably one of the biggest Iron Man Fanatics out there :|
Feel free to add me on Facebook if you wish to talk, it's always good to meet like minded individuals who shares the same interests as me.

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Um, hello! I'm Thew and I'm way into Transformers. I have like 300 of them and I'm always doing these dumb Youtube videos about them. Seriously, I can't stop. Also I enjoy pop and ice cream!

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I'm still in school at present, though hopefully due to leave for university this Summer. I don't have much in the way of a steady income, so I tend to stick to a rule to keep my budget in order; if I can't remember it from my childhood, I can't buy it.
This is relaxed in the case of any recent series I watch, but on the whole I think it's allowed me to keep my hobby at a sensible level considering the money available to me.
Anyhow, here's what I collect and any stellar examples of said collections:
Power Rangers/Super Sentai -
Dinozord, Thunderzord Assault Team, Red Dragonzord, (most of) Titanus, Astro Megazord, Supertrain Megazord, Time Force Megazord, Deluxe Wild Force Megazord, a number of Power Animals and more recently a Steedergon Fury Megazord (missing the unicorn's horn D:), amongst others.
Transformers (Beast Wars) -
Optimus Primal (Original, Transmetal, Transmetal II), Megatron (Transmetal), Rattrap (Original, Transmetal), Silverbolt, Cheetor (Transmetal II) amongst many others.
Transformers (G1) -
Skorponok (but missing almost everything)

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Addicted to Plastic Crack...

Spends too much money on Plastic Crack...

Lost a girlfriend because she didn't understand my Plastic Crack...

Can't move because of Plastic Crack...

Currently digging the Revoltech line of Plastic Crack...

Would kill to own a MIB Star Saber & Victory Leo...

And currently need to buy a decent digital camera to take pictures of my Plastic Crack for my website...

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I'm a massive geek, but not a huge collector - due largely to lack of funds (the life of a post-graduate student is hard), an utter lack of ability when it comes to painting, and a general lack of interest in non-interactive things.

As such, I tend to collect poseable figures rather than models or statues, though I do occasionally buy models to build (and then leave unpainted), and cheap non-poseable figures (e.g. gashapon).

When I do buy such items, they will always be from series I love. My main collection resides in Patlabor figures - aside from a couple of Ingram models (hard plastic and vinyl), I've a hoard of gashapon, and more recently have started acquiring the Revoltech series. I love the movie-version Ingram 1, and the fantastic Helldiver.

Sadly, my taste in anime generally veers away from mech-dominated series, so my collection has otherwise been fairly limited. Aside from a smattering characters from other series (gashapon based on the original Gunbuster, on Fire Emblem, and on various Capcom / SNK fighters), that's pretty much it!

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I decided to start my collection of Power Rangers and Super Sentai around December 05. Since then I have been upgrading my collecion through internet auctions and stores. I have so far all of MMPR, ZEO, TURBO, SPACE and MYSTIC FORCE. And sentai i have all of SUN VULCAN, OHRANGER, CARRANGER, MAGIRANGER and BOUKENGER...I am in the process at getting all orginal sentai models, ranging from Battle Fever J to Jetman. That is my goal this year...

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I've been collecting toys since well, as long as I remember. Took a break back in 2001, started again in 2004. I collect current Star Wars figures, the Jurassic Park toyline, various McFarlane and NECA figures and of course BanDai Power Rangers.