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They once thought that pandas have black and white coats so that they can recognize each other in the bamboo fields and consequently, mate. Later they realized that they are black and white so they can recognize each other in the bamboo fields and actively avoid each other...

That's perfect.

I am rather small but I wear high heels, thus having intimidating stature but perpetually falling on uneven Boston sidewalks. I like to fall asleep in the shower. I prefer a fan to an air conditioner. Until the day I die, I will cry every time I hear Peter Gabriel's 'Red Rain'. I have a massive crush on the guy who plays Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I have to keep my hair short or else I will inevitably chew on it. I love Metropolis, Blade Runner and robots...all kinds of robots...

Clearly I am also really bad at describing myself.

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Fantasy and sci-fi themed toys both appeal to me. Articulation is always my biggest concern. I love a great looking figure, but if it doesn't move enough, it isn't even a toy to me.

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I visit here and feel like I'm in a toybox that spans as far back as I can look. I don't have any of my childhood toys and only have a couple toys these days. I'd like to at least get inspired to build my collected model ship kits. I have a few oldies but goodies from the 60's, already opened, I'd like to assemble. I have a huge desk top full of start ups, a few near completion, after I get a feel for the site I'll upload some pics. I do have an interest in mechs and would love to find early 80's Robotech model kits. I also like Transformers, Star Wars and Star Trek, but own nothing. I have a pretty cool toy shop in town I visit a couple times a year, they have tons of old comics, toy figures and collectibles. Maybe it's time to collect.

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I have collected toys for years and been a "LONG" time fan of Kamen Rider since I lived in Okinawa in the early 70's, Just last year I found out all episodes from the first thru Decade are available on the web, God bless the Net !

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My favorite show is Kamen Rider (Kamen Rider Dragon Knight). I also love (Saban's) Power Rangers, which was my favorite show until Kamen Rider came to America.

I love buying the Zords/Megazords, as well as Kamen Rider toys.

I've seen every episode of Power Rangers, and will continue to watch every episode of PR and KRDK.

My favorite Kamen Rider Fan website:

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Super Robots, Mecha and Monsters! Growing up in Mississippi duiring the 70's, I had minimal exposure to the wave of Japanese toys into America in the guise of Shogun Warriors, but the Great Mazinger I had was probably the most loved toy I ever owned. Deep down inside I knew that little red ship in the head was supposed to come out even though it wouldn't, no matter how hard I tugged and pulled at it. When my parents sold their house, Great Maz was found in the attic...he was in rough set off a spark inside that I had not known in ages. I packaged him up and brought him back to college with me...minus all missles, wheels, swords and the rocket launching fist that I instinctively hated...and hit the new-fangled internet for any and all information about this toy and it's origins. My search led me to a web-site, with it's pink-colored background and two to three pages of information; it opened my mind and wallet into the glamorous hell that is japanese toy love. was the gateway for me, but the drug of choice had yet to be first I was a super-robot purist, but found my way to being a mecha snob and eventually turned into a vinyl whore. Now I have successfully synthesized my love for robots, mecha and monsters and enjoy all of them equally.

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I am Juana. Since I was a kid I love collecting anime robots. I love super robots and currently doing my superiorpapers. Hope to meet new friends here.

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I was a Navy Intelligence Officer for 20 years (like Magnum PI, but cooler). Now run a specialty toy operation in the midwest. We started with Japanese Pokemon, then Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon, now we have over 1200 different toys from American, Chinese, and Japanese mfg.

I regularly travel to toy shows in Hong Kong and New York.

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I collect Optimus prime/primals
They say i have the best prime collection in the world.
i wonder if thats true? what you think?