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The first toys I had a passion for collecting were transformers. Optimus Prime was the ideal image of my own father, and him being a truck driver tied the two together even closer. From the first site of transformers, I knew I was a huge robot fan. Unfortunately, my mother threw out all these toys and did not allow me to collect them. A book was produced in the 80s called "Turmoil in the Toybox," that accused all the cartoons and toys of our childhood of being tools of the devil. Through out my childhood I had small bouts of enjoying transformers and Go-bots given to me by relatives before my mother would throw them into the trash. The only other toy I had a passion for as a child was micro machines, most of which were destroyed by a deranged cousin I had. As a teenager, I was able to collect things like Exo Squad and some Gundam, however I had to convince my mother Gundam was not at all related to a cuss word.
Once I became an adult and moved out on my own I began collecting some toys. The few things left over from my childhood and then onto anything I liked. I did not buy that many things till my early 20s. I had became a graphic designer and gained interest in art toys. From 2002 onward my collection slowly grew. Things from the G1 Optimus Prime reissue and other retro robots I used to own to rare designer figures. I did not regulate my collecting to any genera or class, if I liked the design I got it. Everything from happy meal toys, to Chogokin. While my collecting has slowed down due to space, I tend to get things that I have to have. A lot of what I buy reflects my own style or inspires me for making my own custom toys. I do not collect for rarity or value, but because I enjoy the designs, or art of the toy. Because of this, I only keep boxes that are either well designed, or for super fragile/ rare figures for safer packing if and when I have to move. While I had not counted in at least a few years I estimate close to 2,000 items in my toy collection.

I do take daily toy photos on instagram you can check out here:

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Fairly new to collecting. Have always been a fan of the genre of Giant Robots and mechs. Grew up watching Tranzor Z (Mazinger Z), Voltron, Transformers (g1), Go-bots, and other late 70's and 80's cartoons. Also huge fan of Star Wars. Collected a large amount of the Kenner figures from the late 90's/early 2000's. Only recently (2012) got into learning about Gundam and have been actively trying to get my hands on a few Gunpla kits to build but not easy to do locally in my rural small country town in the US.

I'm also a huge computer gamer. Love MMORPG's. Have been playing EverQuest II since Sept of 2005. Played Star Wars Galaxies from 2003 to 2005, and played Dark Age of Camelot from 1998 to 2003. I tend to stick with 1 MMORPG at a time. I do play other games frequently on my PC and PS3.

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Married psych with kids. Own a home...and the mortgage. Wife understands my love for Macross. Couldn't be happier :0)

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My interests are many as I used to collect all kinds of anime-related stuff. I say "used to" because recently I have become more specific with what I buy. Oh, I still like seeing all of the new stuff that comes out but, I can't just buy everything anymore (I'm running out of room) That said, I am still an avid collector of Macross mecha and everything Cutie Honey-related... Models? I have a bad habit of buying Gundam models only to have them sit in storage so that they can be made...someday...Then there are the conventions... I LOVE going to conventions... Both anime and sci-fi so that I can meet other fans, take pics of cosplayers and bask in the geeky glow of otakudom/fandom.

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I discovered this site about a year ago and have been visiting almost every day since. I love the episodes, reviews, and overall diverse content. Keep up the great work guys!

I collect:

Battle Beasts / Laser Beasts / Beast Saga
1/6 Scale Hot Toys / Sideshow: Batman, Ironman, Star Wars, Avengers
Gundam: 1/100MG, 1/60 PG
Chogokin: SOC, SRC, Godaikin, etc
Thundercats: Mezco 14" Line
Ghostbusters: Mattel 12"
Star Trek
Master of the Universe: Vintage, 200X, MOTUC
Vintage Toys R Us Merchandise

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Child of the 70s, who always loved his Shogun Warror robots, Micronauts and Japanese cartoons most of all. Anime & import mail order of the 80s ruled my formative years, alongside Dr Who and other British TV on PBS. I'm a veteran non-mainstream media & toy nerd...

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Former CollectionDX site-stalker that admittedly has WAY too many toys for my age. I may not set records with my collection but it is only because I am not filthy rich.

My geekdom is not just relegated to toys or collectibles though.

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I love building Gundams. I collect transformers, Legos, and Gundam kits.

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I'm a laid-back guy whose into Transformers, Macross, Mospeada, Marvel Comics, Indie Comics, & other mecha shows that's worth my heart's interests. I only play video games on occasion & I'm only addicted to one franchise which is the Metal Slug Series. Sadly, I don't play RPGs because I'm not good at these kind of games

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I've been a gigantic Transformers fan since the 1980s cartoon first aired as a kid. I only had a few smaller toys as my parents didn't have a lot of money, but I had some friends that had Optimus Prime and the Seekers a lot of others. When Generation 2 came around I asked for Optimus Prime for my birthday.

I later became borderline obsessed with it as an adult, and I've bought & sold a large variety of Transformers. Lately I've also gotten into King of Braves stuff, and as a kid I was intrigued by Chogokin but never owned anything in that line.

Lately I've been selling a lot of my collection to cover medical bills but I'm holding onto my favorite stuff until I can't afford it anymore.