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I started collecting the Christmas of 1983 when I received an ST Chogokin of GoggleV from my grandparents in Japan. It was instant magic. Just prior to this Christmas I met a Japanese friend of mine, and after going over to their house for dinner, walked into primary candy colored happy gokin wonder world that was his bedroom that was a treasure chest of Chogokiness. Imagine if you will, near mint, but *->*NEW*<-*, pieces like Golion, Tetsujin 28, as well as early sentai robos like GodSigma and SunVulcan, and this super really weird, space battleship thing that was a big plastic and articulated Uchuu Senkan Yamato!!! The one with the black main turrets and little ships that shot out from the sides. It's still hard to articulate, but just being taken aback at the awesomeness of seeing these things, soo alien to what I was accustomed to in the US, it was like a surreal journey into another dimension where multicolored hero teams spread transforming robots around like a mom spreads peanut butter on bread for a little skinny kid who's puppy eyes said, "feed me," of which I was also one. So yeah, that GoggleV became my avatar for childhood robot adventures that was later met with my next piece, the Godaikin GodMars!!! It's been downhill into the depths of chogokin luv ever since which I haven't crawled out of all these years later. But I just remember seeing the old box art on those things, especially that Golion box with the big robot thing on the front with the primary colored lions, and my amazement that these things combined, like "Hey!!! Wait!!! That arm is a LION and he's an arm at the same time!?!?!?!? Isn't he confused because now he's all changed into an arm now!?!?!?!?" And seeing ANOTHER lion that can run around, but "Now he's the chest of this REALLY COOL robot? Isn't he confused because he's locked in as the body of this robot!?!?!?!?" I can still remember my little kid mind asking himself these questions with an amazed, but perplexed euphoria trying to come to terms with what I was seeing. THAT'S the magic that's always stuck with me and those early feelings have never left me. That's the perspective and nostalgia that I approach Japanese robots with, and ultimately, what led me to CDX.

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Vintage Sofubi

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Primarily a collector of all things Marvel/DC toy line-up. Did I also mention I do like imports?

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Avid collector of Star Wars, Marvel, Alien, and Transformers

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I collect UC Gundam models, Legos, and the occasional Transformer. I am a very poor collector, in both senses.

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I'm currently an ME student in Georgia, who spends prolly too much money on toys as it is. I've been a fan of robots since I was about 2 years old, when I watched SD Gundam for the first time. This was my first anime exposure as I crossed the threshold into merchandise hell. Since then I've collected a lot of things, mostly robots though. I was very big into the real robot genre in my teens, until I found out about Go Nagai. Since then I think I may be an even bigger super robot fan instead. There's something so... primal and feral about it that's just incredibly awesome. Super Robot Wars, Kamen Rider, and Gundam are probably some of my favorite things, when it comes to shows, video games, and toys of course.

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I've been a toy whore from the day I was born. Probably even in the womb. I wet the carpet when I was three cuz I was playing with my new FisherPrice town set and I was too excited to stop and go pee in the toilet.

I was born in 1971 and the world of toys was an amazing, beautiful place. My grandmother was on the "sucker list" (as my father called it) at our local King Norman's toy store, meaning they would call her the minute they got a shipment of Star Wars figures. She'd buy two of each, one for her collection(which ultimately became the back-up set for my lost or broken figures) and one for me(she was a big sci-fi/horror buff which is probably where I get it from).

I loved that King Norman's. One of the earliest dreams I can remember was going into King Norman's and they had a life size section of the Millennium Falcon that you could put together and play in.

I'll never forget walking into Woolworth's and seeing Greedo, Hammerhead, and WalrusMan hanging on the pegs all in a row and nearly pissing myself. Between Woolworth's, Walgreen's, and King Norman's, my action figure selection was plentiful. I would get much of my toy info from my older cousin who got all the really primo stuff. They were pretty rich. The big Mego Star Trek sets and old G.I. Joe 12 inch stuff. Tons of Micronauts. I spent hours in their pool with the Joe Submarine attacking it with that rubber giant squid. That was one of my favorite toys. My Father would take my Grandmother and I to China Town in SF and we picked up stuff like Go Lion and God Sigma.

Nowadays I focus heavily on robots. I'd say my collection today is about 90% robot. There are some cyborgs and "humans in suits" sprinkled in there with a dash of vehicles and 1/1 scale weapons.

My collection has gone through many phases and there was a point when I had toys dripping from every horizontal surface in my place. I always had minimalist tendencies(which is a dilemma for any collector as you all know) so a few years ago I started purging down to the absolute favorites. It's so hard though, with gorgeous, amazing stuff coming out all the time now. We really live in a new toy renaissance. I gotta be really choosy nowadays so I don't loose my mind from clutter and go broke.

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I've been a fan of toys almost since before I could speak. I cut my teeth buying everything from the Real Ghostbusters line that I could, and I later moved on to amass huge collections of Power Rangers mecha, Transformers, and other goodies.

After many years of reading and enjoying the reviews on CDX, I finally decided to join up and share my expertise. Pictures of my collections will be uploaded to my gallery as soon as I get some better photo equipment, but in the meantime, you can view most of my stuff on my DA page, in the gallery that I whimsically dubbed my "Mechollection".

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Rob. Live in WA. Shows I like: Saint Seiya, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Zyuranger, Dairanger(sort of), Kakuranger, Transformers G1 and the films(I guess?) Fairy Tail, fate/stay night, Inuyasha, Death Note Clamps' X, Cardcaptor Sakura, Samurai Troopers, Devil May Cry.
Games: Just about anything Legend of Zelda. Most of the older Mario games, Dishonored, Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, Destroy All Humans(I like the second better), Tomba, the original Spyro Games.

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I'm a Transformers collector, that likes more then just Transformers. :)

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Ex-sailor student rockstar wannabe.

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I collected Transformers mostly G1 characters, Star wars mostly Original Trilogy, Godzilla, Ultraman, Super Robots, Silver Hawks, Doctor Who, Tron, Gijoes, original art, and various other stuff.

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I really like robots and toys and robot toys.

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I collect toy robots, mostly from the 80s. Transformers, Voltron, Godaikin etc. I'm a sucker for anything diecast and I love odd knockoffs and bootlegs.

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Cool Robots. Those are in essence what I collect. I don't discriminate between Transformers, Chogokin, Gundam, Sentai or for that matter anything that really looks cool.