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Cannonfodder4000's picture

well i mainly collect transformers and bionicle but recently i started buying mecha toys cause ive been meaning to for a long time
why do i collect ? simple : I DIG GIANT ROBOTS!

currently i have over 60 bionicle over 40 transformers and 1 revoltech gurren lagann

Demokritos's picture

Hi everyone, Greetings from PEARL! I'm in my mid 20's and still single.
I just started this wonderful hobby of collecting Model Kits and Action Figures, right now starting my collection of Macross VF's with that's right my first units is the SV-51y (Nora) I just love this beauty! ^_^ I've completely fallen for her already! Plus two other units arriving this December (VF-25's) I think I'll try my skills with Gunpla Model Kits as well order 3 kits already that's enough to keep me busy for the Hollidays.