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I started collecting toys with having no clear theme in mind: A SOTA Toys Sagat; Marvel Legends Capt. America, Cable, Ice Man and Colossus; MOTU He-Man and Mekanek; SWE3 Grievous, Obi-Wan, and Anakin; and a Wave1 Kingdom Come Batman. As time passed, I started focusing on Superman. My first one is a prototype Justice League Superman from the Jollibee Kids Meal toy line. I got this one fortunately because it JKM was my main account when I worked in McCann-Erickson here in the Philippines a few years ago. I currently have 10 figures and my top favorite is the Dark Knight Returns Superman.

During a break in one of my post-production works in HongKong for a tv commercial, I visited the local Toy-R-Us store and saw the SOC line. It was there I saw my one true childhood toy love: GX-31 / Voltes V. I wanted to buy it right there and then but because of the limited amount of dollars that I had, I held back and promised that I would get it back home, someday.

Last June, 2008, I FINALLY BOUGHT IT. I also bought the Secret Toyz Camp Big Falcon / Operational Base a couple of months later. Now both toys complement and eclipse my Superman collection.

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Name: Trojan Perez

Nick Name: "Billy Breakdown" / Charlie B.

Age: 22 yrs.

Occupation: Working student and Musician

What do I collect?

    Sentai Mecha
    Anything Related To Tokusatsu (ex: Kamen rider, Super sentai, Power Rangers etc..)
    G.I. Joe Figures
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Hi, Im Lyndon from the Philippines and im a music professor. I bought a Great Mazinger GX-02 July 2009. But what i really want is Mazinger Z, the Shin Mazinger GX 45 and 49. I was a teen way back the 80s and i always watch the awesome anime Mazinger Z and Voltez V but it was cut short by our President. Bought Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z GX 45 last September 7, 2009 GX 47 Energer Z last Septermber 30,2009 and Hover Pileder PX-04.Its AWESOME!!!!MAZIN GO!!!!!(Coming soon GX-45A Atami Night Version Mazinger Z)

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Long-time collector of Macross and Transformers toys & figures. Also collects some Gundam kits on the side.

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Hi guys. Im new into collecting robots. well, i would like to collect super robots and the SOC line is my priority. But as of now i only have 2. I started collecting last September 2008. I got my first super robot from japan from a friend. Its the SOC Voltes V. You can view my collections here --->

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I am simplechoy21 from Cebu City, Philippines. I really love to collect sentai robots. My obsession and fasination started when the first season of the Power Rangers was aired last 1993. Since then, I begun collecting robots from Transformers, zoids, Gundam wings, Power Rangers and Tamiya (hobby craft model kit e.g. ships, airplanes). My collection were few because the Power Ranger toys and other robot toys are scarce in our place.

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I love TRANSFORMERS i have collection of classic transformers

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I'm collecting mobile suits from Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, I am a big fan of gundams ever since i was a child, I started with the Strike Freedom Gundam master grade, because it's my favorite. I am looking forward for Infinite Justice which is my next target.

Just finished my GAT-X105 Strike IWSP, it's really not my target because i'm aiming for the infinite justice unfortunately someone had bought before i did. Still it's an amazing piece and i'll just grab justice on the next paycheck.

Failed to nail Infinite Justice again, but managed to grab a ZGMF-X56S/a Force Impulse Gundam. Another addition to my Gundam collection. If i'm still unable to get Justice next time i found an EX-S Gundam up for grabs and it will be my next model.

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I'm a mecha collector from Manila. My main collection mostly on Transformers and Masked Rider collections. Other Mecha I collect depends on my taste.

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i like toy robots and planes, grew up watching gigantor in the 70s. i just started collecting a few years ago and i have 1 mint n box voltes v, optimus prime masterpiece collection and "Gigantor" others call Tetsujin 28

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I'm a Filipino and I love to collect toys; Soul of chogokin, Yamato/Bandai Macross, Action Figures, 1/24 Fujimi/Tamiya/Hasegawa Scale Models. in other words......... I LOVE TOYS!!