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I primarily collect Transformers. I like traditionally styled aesthetics that have some tie in to my G1 roots while still enjoying new characters. I also collect robots in general if they are of quality like some Macross mecha or various Voltron toys. In the past I have bought a great deal of Star Wars figures but currently I have virtually no interest in it.

I started collecting in1984 after seeing my first Transformers cartoon. The first figures I got were Bonecrusher and Scavenger. I currently have approximately 1500 Transformers. I also love 3rd party toys such as those by TFC, Fansproject, Perfect Effect, Mastermind Creations and more.

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Toys have always intrigued me. I don't have a particular subject or toy line that I follow, I just appreciate each model or toy based on its own merits. Whether it be a sofubi or a Gokin robot of some sort matters not, it's about what the toy says to me, and the aesthetic pleasure it imparts to me.

Some of my toy collection (and other things) can be viewed on my flickr page at -

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I've been heavily into collecting toys since high school and collect Transformers, Hot Toys, 1980s and 1990s toys from my childhood as well as Sofubi.

I also run my own review and kit-bash showcase site: where I share my passion for toys old and new!

eitlobsaboo's picture

I collect mostly Chogokins, but I grab whatever takes my interest.

I got interested in robots when I was a kid, with shows like Voltron, Robotech & Transformers. My collection started way back then with a Transformer under the christmas tree every year. In my teens my interest started again when I discovered collecting/building papercraft models. Nowadays with a steady job.. i've started collecting more solid items.

Robonuts's picture

I started collecting toys about 10years ago, although I have loved toys all my life. I grew up reading comic books, playing video games and watching Star Wars, G1 Transformers, Voltron, Robotech, 80's Astro Boy, G.I Joe, Ninja Turtles and many, many more. Sadly, I no longer own most of the toys associated with these shows apart from the turtles and G.I Joes.

My current obsession with toys began (I am ashamed to say) with McFarlane, starting with Metal Gear Solid 2, and spiralling out of control into Spawn until I could no longer keep up with the releases. It was around this time that I discovered Japanese toys, mainly the awesome Yamato Macross releases, sold all my McFarlane and I haven't looked back. The designs, craftsmanship, materials and characters make them more than playthings to me, they are display pieces that should be revered for their engineering and design.

mixfx's picture

i have been collecting voltron for about 3 years now, my current collection consists mainly lion voltron,(most items mint in boxes), such as the entire panosh place range, matchbox range, masterpiece voltron, i-men, calculater, watch, lunchbox, posters, puzzles, sword blazers, party set, etc etc (the list goes on) hopefully i'll get some more vehicle voltron toys and some albegas toys soon to add to my collection.

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well i started "collecting" transformers about three years ago, i always had some around from my childhood. but someting just clicked when i saw masterpeice prime. so now i mainly collect TF's but anything to do with robots and im interested. now ive started to venture outside of cybertron in search of other robots.

Rossco's picture

I grew up in the eighties following He-Man then went to Voltron (lions), Astro boy, and Transformers last of all was TMNT but the best cartoons for me where always looney Tunes. Until Simpon's then American Dad
My biggest and most loved collection I had was on He-Man I had all figurines, alot of Beasts/machines/carriers and the pride and joy, The He-man castle with microphone. Which when I was 8 y/o I lost to fire when our house burnt down. Tragic!
I started collect micro machines (Galoob) they are to me a marvael at miniturization with detail must be pre 1988 to excite me.
I saved my pennies and got a die cast Voltron and beside my Transformer Galvatron are my big assets.
Starwars figures and the plastic dog tags with chipset inside are very loved also.

Oniichan's picture

Soul Of Chogokin
* GX-17 Evangelion 00 Proto Type (Yellow)
* GX-16 Evangelion 00 Proto Type (Blue)
* GX-15 Evangelion 02 Production Model (Red)
* GX-14 Evangelion 01 Test Type (Purple)

Final Fantasy VII - Advert Children (Play Arts)
* Cloud Strife with Fenrir Motorcycle

Fate/Stay Night
* Saber 1/6 PVC Statue with Blue Dress and Armour
* Rider 1/8 Statue (Good Smile Company)

Witchblade Masane Amaha (Organic) and many more!

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I'm 38 years old. Grew up in Sicily from 80-86 so while living in Europe I got swept away with all the manga cartoons that played on TV.

These Japanese cartoons blew me away because prior to moving back to Italy , my bro & I simply watched all the boring Disney stuff so we were mesmerized!

I used to watch all the Jap anime from that period and I loved them all! L'uomo Tigre (Tiger man) was one of my many favorites even though my mum didn't like me watching it because it was too violent and

I recently watched an Italian episode of L'uomo Tigre & Gundam and they brought back so many fond memories so now I'm keen to buy the dvd's and some toys too.

Unfortunately, I don't own any of my old toys because I gave them all away when I got interested in motor cycles & girls...doh!!

Anyways, back to the present. I was bored one night so i stumbled onto one of Josh's reviews so now i'd like to buy a few characters from the Soul of Chokokin collection because they seem to be of high quality!

I've collected a few items in my day including 1/18 scale die-cast American muscle cars, Military 1/35 & 1/48 models kits , old vinyl records, comic books, vintage one sheet posters, mint & loose Star wars figures. I dont have much on display but that's going to change as i'm looking to buy a decent glass display cabinet. I find this site very helpful so thanks ... : )

Ren-chan's picture

I mainly collect the Play Arts Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts II figurines. Others include, various Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Devil May Cry, InuYasha, and other anime items. When I first saw photos of my friend, Dante-chan/Marieru san/Mariel's collection, I wanted to do something similar and collect figurines from various anime shows and video games. Plus, seeing as though I'm into that kind of stuff, I might as well collect it. When I add something new to my collection, it makes me happy. It's better than being depressed all the time. My Pa recently made me a shelf to put my figurines on. Before, I had nowhere to put all of them because my room is kind of small. Some were put on a small cupboard. Others were put on my computer tower and TV. ^^; Not anymore though. ^_^