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Voltron Masterpiece Edition


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Voltron Master Piece Edition: Correction on two items reviewed

Come on JoshB, Voltron not only fired both "fists" in the show, but it also fired the Blue and Yellow lions heads several times.

As far as Voltron's knee articulation, it is almost the same as the original Popy/Bandai/Bootlegs... the knees do not bend back or forward. Unfortunately, this means that you will never see Voltron kneeling down, rendering honors to the Max Factory Godannar Twin Drive Mode (die cast) figure for its incredible articulation system.

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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 24 March, 2006 - 23:14
Voltron really fired his

Voltron really fired his fists in the show? Wow, I'm getting old, because I don't remember that. ;-)

My masterpiece bends at the knee. Granted, there's really no pose that you can put him in that lets you use it, but still, its there.

Oh, And I'll have the Max Godanner up next week.

CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 25 March, 2006 - 07:09
Toynami Voltron knees...

Josh, can you upload a picture of the Voltron knees in anything other than a 5 degree angle? I can't get mine to bend the knees, and I don't want to use excessive force to get them to bend. As far as the Godannar, you will not be dissapointed...


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Posted by The Mazinger Z on 25 March, 2006 - 22:49
you can see the legs bent

you can see the legs bent here:



CollectionDX Admin

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Posted by JoshB on 27 March, 2006 - 23:19

nice to hear that

Tomas Hellix
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Posted by zero on 29 March, 2006 - 04:30
Hardly a masterpiece...

Personally, I find it a bit dissapointing and unworthy of the title "masterpiece".

This version of Voltron has very limited features. For example, the blue lion. The missle canopy feature is gone (the red one where the number 4 is placed). The head missle is gone too. Same with the yellow lion. Absolutely nothing. And the detailing is actually quite minimal for a "masterpiece"(i speak of all the tech details on each toy). The red and green lions do not have a head launching feature anymore. The black lion has no open door chest lock that I was hoping for just like in the cartoons and I also agree that his face just doesnt match up the way it could've. Black lion also has extremely skinny front legs.

The only thing I appreciated about this figure, was it's articulation of heads and legs. But nothing to wow about especially when Masterpiece Optimus Prime conquored all areas of details and then some. A worthy production for the title "masterpiece" if you ask me.

I was hoping for something far more detailed and clever like Masterpiece Optimus and the Yamato Valkyrie fighter.
And at 150.00 USD? No way.

90.00 USD would be the right price for this so so version. Its just too much hype. "OOH LOOK AT THIS!! AWESOME!!" ... nope.

Id personally save my money for an original one on ebay. I own 5 sets already. This one is just too expensive for what it offers. The book box isnt convincing enough.
My two cents.

Japan Toy Collector X

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Posted by Robojapan on 1 June, 2006 - 12:29
A Masterpiece "Could have been"

I got mine..the 10,266th of the 15,000 limited edition.

And overall, the word I could say to describe this toy is "FLIMSY" least the one I have.

Most of the major joints are flimsy: the red lions neck -cannot hold the sword right esp sideways; the red and green lions' feet - as you continue combining/disassembling them from lions to robot-mode vice versa are slowly becoming loose..even the blue and yellow lions!; most of all, the hip-joint! it's so flimsy that voltron can't even stand-up straight. you have to spread his legs in order to make him stand-up. I guess that's the only pose he can ever do- standing-up with his legs spread apart. the wings' joints flimsy..flimsy..flimsy. so if your display cabinet or plank gets hit or shaken, for sure this voltron will fall on his face.

moreover, the paint finish is so easily scratched..just a slight contact from the lion's legs and you'll have scratches esp on the edges of the body.

also, i wish they could have added more accessories to the lions. if this is supposed to be a masterpiece edition then, you know, they should have at least included all the accessories that we have seen on the those proton cannons that come out of nowhere on the lions shoulders. never mind the firing gimmicks..this is a display toy anyway.

The design is great! almost like the cartoon rendition..but assembly wise...accessory wise..sorry, it just did not meet that expectation of a masterpiece. It could have been though...if they had done a little bit more improvement on its joints.

Still, it's such a nice sight on display and i actually love looking at this big chunk of "chogokin".

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Posted by Cyclone Blue on 23 October, 2007 - 20:18
I owned Voltron masterpiece!

Hi guys! I agree on what other members comment on this Masterpiece! Quite excited when arrived last yesterday!Jan. 16, 2007! Actually I took photos on it, however when Im about to open I noticed some flaws... there are some chips on it! legs of blue and yellow lion are loose! I dont understand there are finger prints on it... the big deal is these finger prints cant be erase, its permanent! Wheeeeeeew! Standing 12 inches tall, the wings are so disapointing, cant stand sturdier and the sword is too heavy for the red lion to handle, it always go down seems too loose. Anyways as a display, its awesome! Reminds me the year of 1988 I was on grade five, cant help but to imagine that im owning one, We cant afford that one on the year. Now after 19 years! I'm owning the 15129 of 15000.

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Posted by joeyvalkyrie on 17 January, 2008 - 17:24
plastic voltron

hi,there is a plastic version for this n is totally the same,but only made up of pvc.but its around 1/3 of this price.its name as voltron lion force gift set.i already preoder mine,n i think u should.i believe the plastic ver joint will be better as its lighter,n u can now not worry of playing with this piece rather den just display on the shelf cause its plastic n its much more cheaper.haha.can't wait for mine to come.hey go check it out man.should not miss this one..

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Posted by l_q_long on 26 April, 2008 - 18:48
Translation please?

Perhaps it's because I don't know net-speak as well as I should, but... what in thee hell did he just say!? :(
CollectionDX Staff

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Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 26 April, 2008 - 20:03
leon HI,what i meant


HI,what i meant was,there is a pvc/plastic version for the voltron,it's the same design of this masterpiece n th price it's around one third of this price,i preorder for this for $75 sing dollar.i think u can check out the online ordering now.

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Posted by l_q_long on 29 April, 2008 - 12:25
He DID fire fists

In the episode where Lothar had a very fast, red robot monster that had a pilot and pwn'ed Voltron and a special lion head tactic was used. Though I'm more of a Golion fan, instead.

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Posted by The Castellan on 3 February, 2014 - 14:28