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PLAMAX SG-01 Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber from Gargantia

Here is the official GoodSmile word on this new model kit of Chamber:

The Machine Caliber Chamber with his armaments in the final battle is joining PLAMAX!!

From the anime series 'Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet' comes a PLAMAX model kit of the mecha used by the main character Ledo, 'Machine Caliber K6821 Chamber'. He includes all the armaments seen in the final battle of the series. The cockpit can be opened and closed and can even be removed and moved in various different locations.

Included with the kit is a 40+ page booklet 'WALKAROUND CHAMBER' written by mechanical designer Makoto Ishiwata (Nitroplus) and the setting research and designer for the series Shinya Ogura. Be sure to build and display the ultimate form of Chamber in your collection!

  • This is a snap-kit model that can be put together without glue.
  • Jointed areas make use of polycaps allowing for the build product to be moved around.
  • Chamber's Gatling Cannon, Beam Rifle and 5-barrel missile launcher are all included as weapons.
  • A figure of Ledo is included on the same scale.
  • Various markings and certain sections of coloring are included as water application decals.
  • Special booklet 'WALKAROUND CHAMBER' included. (Japanese)
Coming January 2016 for 9,241 yen. 

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Posted 6 September, 2015 - 17:43 by VF5SS