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Torrance, CA, September 25, 2007 – Yamato USA presents three new figures now available for sale STORY! IMAGE! FIGURE! EX: BURST ANGEL – Amy, JAPANESE SCULPTOR ORIGINAL CHARACTER SERIES: “whip x nonoko” nonoko ~moon~, and WAVE’S SEQUEL TO ANGEL CHROMOSOME-XX, SERIES 3: A-03 Shamshel-XX.


Story! Image! Figure! EX! In the crime ridden streets of the not-to-far future of Tokyo, its up to a band of four gung ho girls to bring order to chaos... the Burst Angels. Meet Amy, the youngest member of the team. Although young, she's an expert with computers and technology. But don’t let her cute, innocent looks fool you. Amy has a smart mouth and is quiet cold and meticulous when it comes to her work. Captured here as part of Yamato's popular Story! Image! Figure! EX collection, this 1/6 scale PVC statue features the cute and charismatic side of Amy. She's in the mood for fun, but ready as always to beat down the bad guys with her weapon of choice... her teddy bear laptop computer. Window boxed with display base, Amy is ready to brighten your day.

JSOCS: “whip x nonoko” nonoko ~moon~

"whip x nonoko" is an original character line sculpted by Japanese 'garage-kit' artist Kaoru. the "whip x nonoko" nonoko ~moon~ garage kit was originally released as an event exclusive, which Yamato is now proud to release as a PVC figure as part of its Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series. Kaoru has been releasing "cute and stylish" girl figures as an original line for some time. Emblematic of his unique tastes, nonoko ~moon~ features a plump yet sexy body line with many detailed parts - you can enjoy this figure from many angles. Window boxed, nonoko ~moon~ comes complete with display base, glasses and a heart shaped object for you and her to admire.


The Angel's may be gone, but the threat remains. In their latest diabolical plan, NERVE recklessly intends to cross human DNA with that of the Angels. The name of the plan: Project-XX. The results: Angel Chromosome-XX. WAVE in collaboration with GAINAX and Kannon Yoshizaki continues to bring this next chapter in the Evangelion saga to figural life with A-04 Shamshel-XX. Joining previous experiments A-03 Sachiel-XX, A-14 Zeruel-XX, A-15 Arael-XX, A-17 Tabris-XX, and A-02 Lilith-XX, Shamshel-XX is without a doubt the most alluring figure in the series... a thankful contradiction to the shovel headed, wormy/insecty angel thing from which she comes! Measuring approximately 6.00", this PVC statue was sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi who executes the entire figure with delicate expression. Window boxed, Sequel to Angel Chromosome-XX: Series 3 - A-04 Shamshel comes complete with display

You can find these figures at our retail partners Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, Anime Wild, Heroes & Comics, Toys Logic, Twin Moons Anime, and with our distribution partners AAA Anime, Diamond Comics, BBCW, Grosnor Distribution, and Yes Anime.

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Posted 26 September, 2007 - 08:44 by JoshB