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More Valkyries from Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Macross the Ride

Schedule for new Macross merchandise

VF-17S Stealth Valkyrie for Diamond Force due in December. 28cm long in fighter mode. Price TBD. By Yamato

VF-19S Blazer Valkyrie for Emerald Force due in November. 33cm long in fighter mode. Price 23,100 Yen. By Yamato

VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie for Ozma Lee Renewal Version due in January 2012. 34cm tall in Battroid mode. Price 14,700 yen. By Bandai

VF-11D "Thunder Focus" from Macross the Ride (serial novel in Dengeki Hobby) 1/72nd Scale Model. Due in December 2011. 22cm long. Price 4,200 Yen. By Hasegawa

All prices listed are with Japanese tax.

Source: Cybergundam

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Posted 22 September, 2011 - 11:20 by VF5SS


6 comments posted
You called it on the -17,

You called it on the -17, VF5SS, and you were right.

Damn I want a VF-17. If it was out now, I'd totally get it for myself as a birthday present (which is actually tomorrow, the 23rd).

EVA_Unit_4A's picture
Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 22 September, 2011 - 11:49
After seeing this, I have to

After seeing this, I have to say I'm sad. I couldn't get the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie yet and was expecting VF-25S and VF-17S to come about march~may of next year, but now, my hopes of getting any of these is very little...

At least I expect the VF-17S to be an awesome toy. When the Miria color scheme is announced I will definetly go for pre-order!

LuizSSB's picture
Posted by LuizSSB on 22 September, 2011 - 15:54
Oh no...

Ozma Lee's DX valkirie comes once more to haunt me again.
O _ O

mikespiegel's picture
Posted by mikespiegel on 23 September, 2011 - 07:44
I share you pain.

I don't own any Valkyries in Skull-Leader colors and I passed on the last batch of VF-25's... THIS TIME, Ozma Lee's ride will be MINE!

Even if it costs a buttload...

Felixman's picture
Posted by Felixman on 24 September, 2011 - 14:49
I did get one

I did buy the VF-25F of the first DX valkyries, just for the sake of having one. Now I’m going to sell it so I can buy Ozma’s renewal VF, Which is the most awesome of all the Messiah’s (the best color scheme of all the squadron).
Hope I won’t have much problem selling my old valkyrie here, since it’s a very rare type of collectible that is not easy to come by in this part of the world.

mikespiegel's picture
Posted by mikespiegel on 26 September, 2011 - 07:58
Yamato's got NEW images of the VF-17S and VF-19S.

pinoy78's picture
Posted by pinoy78 on 26 September, 2011 - 13:51