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Torrance, CA, September 18, 2007 – Yamato has something for the super robot fan in all of us with four new offerings: MEGAZONE 23: 1/15 Garland – Factory Color, MEGAZONE 23 PART II: 1/15 Proto-Garland, The GN-U: Groizer X (Anime Version), and ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS: 1/12 Fyana (Woodo) Action Figure.

MEGAZONE 23: 1/15 Garland – Factory Color

Yamato continues its Megazone 23 line of fully transformable action figures with the 1/15 Garland – Factory Color. An awesome cool silver paint application punctuated with red details adds a sleek, heart-pounding style to the already impressive Garland. Feel the drift this Winter for MSRP of $168.

MEGAZONE 23 PART II: 1/15 Proto-Garland

The best just got better. Yamato introduces the second generation of its fully transformable Megazone 23 action figures with its newly developed MEGAZONE 23 PART II: 1/15 Proto-Garland. Featuring not only the same authentic transformation action as the original Garland, the Proto-Garland also offers a host of great, new functions and details such as mirrored fender, opening and closing air breaks, and monitor screen. The Proto-Garland also comes with a newly designed Shogo action figure, rifle with interchangeable body, and Hagan (enemy robot) shield and gun with which to duplicate the final battle scene of Megazone 23. The next generation will be available early next year with an MSRP of $178.

The GN-U: Groizer X (Anime Version)

Yamato continues its latest line of mechanical marvels, THE GN-U, with the transformable aerial robot, Groizer X. Created as a side project by the Go Nagai between Mazinger series, Groizer X is the Garai alien’s ultimate weapon in the destruction of the human race... until it is turned against them. Here, constructed of die-cast and PVC material, Yamato's Groizer X is fully transformable through interchanging parts from its robotic to fighter mode. It also features a host of functioning parts and comes complete with three miniature G-machines - G-Jet, G-Shark, and G-Tank --, the knockout weapon "Flying Torpedo", and an awesome, cool display base. It even comes complete with paper craft which when combined with packaging recreates the famous take-off scene from the Akane-Jima island base. Yamato's THE GN-U: GROIZER X (Anime Version) stands approximately 7.85" in robotic made and 6.00" in fighter mode. Available early next year for MSRP of $158.

ATV: 1/12 Fyana (Woodo)

Two years have past since Yamato released the ultimate action figure, Chirico Cuvie, as part of its ground-breaking 1/12 scale Armored Trooper Votoms series. Now, Yamato is extremely excited to offer the much anticipated Fyana perfect soldier. Sculpted by Maki Asai, the same sculptor of Chirico Cuvie, Fyana features all the amazing articulation of Chirico, and more. And like Chirico, Fyana can easily be boarded into her 1/12 Brutishdog. And she comes with a host of accessories -- two kinds of helmets, interchangeable face and body parts, and themed weaponry. The package even includes new head parts for the ATV: 1/12 Chirico Cuvie action figure to give him a fresh, new look. Available October 2007 for MSRP of $48. Also available ATV: 1/12 Fyana (Space War).

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Posted 21 September, 2007 - 09:00 by JoshB