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Play Arts Kai Deathstroke (Limited color Ver.) from Batman Arkham Origins


We recreated the nimbleness of Deathstroke to the utmost by incorporating flexible material in his shoulders and ankles to enable a wide range of motion. The paintwork features realistic weathering and chips on his armor, to imply the countless battles he has fought as an assassin. This stunning metallic color variant, a 2014 New York Comic Con Exclusive, brings a touch of noir to the classic Deathstroke design. The gold and black paint application on this figure makes for a stunning contrast and a must-have collectible for any fan of this deadly assassin!

Befitting an expert on weapons and explosives, the Deathstroke figure comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including a hand gun, a club, a sword, and a rifle along with corresponding interchangeable hands.

Available at New York Comic Con 2014 (Oct. 9-12) for $99.99.





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Posted 11 September, 2014 - 07:21 by VF5SS