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Dynamite Action UFO Robo Grendizer

Evolution Toy is bringing us their take on the Prince of Space with UFO Robo Grendizer! Like all Dynamite Action toys it uses their patented magnetic joint system. Standing 17 centimeters tall, Grendizer comes with both his main Spazer and Double Spazer as well as his usual array of weapons like the Screw Crasher Punch and Double Harken. The main Spazer even has its Spin Saucer and Spin Drill weapons. When Grendizer docks with the Spazer it uses a special set of arms for that perfect seamless look. Also thanks to the universal magnetic joints, other Dynamite Action robots can dock with the Spazer! Scheduled for release February 2015 for 20,000 yen.





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Posted 22 August, 2014 - 06:25 by VF5SS